Oct 14, 2021
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Pushkov called the EU’s requests to Russia for additional gas supplies cynical


Pushkov called the EU's requests to Russia for additional gas supplies cynical
Council of the Federation

Pushkov stressed that not only the European Union buys gas and oil from Russia, but also the United States of America. Moreover, Europe found itself in a difficult situation due to its own wrong energy policy. The EU staked on green energy sources and lost.

Now, faced with problems, the Europeans are turning to Russia for help. According to Pushkov, this looks cynical, since the West continues to pursue a tough anti-Russian policy against Moscow.

“Now, realizing this, the Europeans are counting on Russia, which looks extremely cynical, given that they are simultaneously imposing sanctions against Russia and sprinkling them with threats. The Europeans need to draw conclusions from this, and so do we: if such a cynical policy continues, if there is no good will on the part of the EU, why should it be on our part, ”Aleksey Pushkov was indignant.

Earlier, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Josep Borrell announced that Europe is ready to buy more Russian gas than provided for in the contract. He also said that Russia is seeking the introduction of “SP-2” in order to turn the situation “to its advantage.” At the same time, Borrell acknowledged that the EU needs Russian gas.

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