Feb 19, 2021
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Pushkov called the arrogant reaction of the West to the Russian vaccine: Trying to humiliate Russia

Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov reacted to an article published in a German edition praising the Sputnik V vaccine. In his opinion, the material is trying to humiliate Russia and is “arrogant nonsense.”

In early February, the German newspaper Die Welt talked about how Russia was able to surprise the West with the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. At first, foreign scientists were skeptical about the drug because of the hasty registration, but the tests carried out proved its effectiveness.

The publication quotes the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in the material. According to him, Russia has ceased to be “Upper Volta with nuclear missiles.” The authors of the article noted that the last time the West was so surprised was in October 1957, when the USSR launched the first artificial Earth satellite into orbit.

The publication was commented on by Alexey Pushkov in his telegram channel. The senator urged the Russian media to stop reprinting Die Welt material and to be glad that the vaccine was positively assessed by unknown journalists who live in a country where quarantine has been introduced and there are not enough drugs.

According to Pushkov, the West is reluctant, “through the lip” has recognized the Russian achievement, and it is foolish to admire this. “This is a manifestation of an inferiority complex,” said the senator. In conclusion, the senator called on all journalists to “overcome the information slave within themselves” and not agree with the newspaper that hates Russia.

We will remind, “Sputnik V” became the world’s first officially registered vaccine against coronavirus. The effectiveness of the drug is 91.6%. The population of more than 25 countries of the world is vaccinated with the Russian vaccine, among them – Belarus, Serbia, Hungary, Argentina, Iran.


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