Dec 31, 2020
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Pushkov assessed the threat of Kuleba to increase pressure on the Russian Federation because of the Crimea

Senator Oleksiy Pushkov, commenting on the threat of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba to increase sanctions pressure on Russia over Crimea and to make this topic “hellish” for Moscow next year, said that the issue of Crimea is closed, the VZGLYAD newspaper writes.

According to him, Ukraine can raise the issue of Crimea at international platforms, create a “Crimean platform”, but this will not change anything.

“Kiev will not have any additional opportunities to put pressure on Moscow,” Pushkov stressed.

The senator also drew attention to the fact that in his statement Kuleba expressed the hope that “one day the day will come when the Ukrainian flag will be raised in Simferopol.”

“So let him hang the Ukrainian flag on his balcony. Earlier, the ex-head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was already going to hoist the Ukrainian flag over Sevastopol. Now we see where Poroshenko is and where is Sevastopol, ”he added.

Pushkov noted that the stay of Crimea as part of Ukraine is a “historical incident”. According to him, the Ukrainian language has not established itself there, and there are no significant forces that would advocate unity with Ukraine.

Earlier, the senator commented on Kiev’s statement to leave Crimean residents without water. Pushkov said that in Kiev they want so much to return Crimea and Donbass that they persistently cultivate hatred of Ukraine there.

Recall that Crimea became part of the Russian Federation in 2014 after a referendum. Some foreign countries still do not recognize this region as part of Russia. The Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that the question of ownership of the peninsula is closed.

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