Sep 12, 2020
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Pushkov appreciated the American banner about the threat of Russian interference in the elections

Alexey Pushkov
Alexey Pushkov

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkom commented on the appearance in New York of a banner warning Americans about possible Russian interference in the upcoming US presidential elections.

He noted that Russia continues to be at the forefront of American political life.

Without us - nowhere. On the one hand, such posters are, of course, a cynical pre-election manipulation, a game on fears imposed on American voters. But, on the other hand, a painful, hysterical, but obvious reaction to the increased role of Russia in world affairs, - wrote the senator in the Telegram channel.

According to the politician, such a banner is a new version of the slogan "The Russians are coming!" during the Cold War.

This is a poster placed on a New York street during the election campaign. Its content reads: "Vote or the Russian bot will do it for you." previously wrote that the current US President Donald Trump called the investigation into Moscow's alleged interference in the elections as America's fraud. According to him, the organizers of this illegal "witch hunt" must pay a "high price."

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