Apr 19, 2021
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Pushkov advises Johnson to save money on sending warships to the Black Sea

The Russian politician also recommends that the British Prime Minister spend the pennies saved on the health of the nation.

Pushkov advises Johnson to save money on sending warships to the Black Sea

Senator Oleksiy Pushkov expressed his views on London’s decision to send two warships to the Black Sea “in support of Ukraine.” He wrote on April 18 on his Telegram channel that this would be a stupid step, which even in Britain is supported by a minority.

“The British are skeptical about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s attempts to support Ukraine against Russia,” Pushkov writes.

Pushkov recalled the poll of five thousand readers, which was conducted by the Daily Mail newspaper. 73% of respondents opposed the British government attempting to act against Russia. And only 24% of the country’s inhabitants agree that London should intervene. Pushkov noted that this poll was conducted against the backdrop of powerful anti-Russian propaganda.

According to the politician, such a result is the historical memory of the British, as if no one else understood how many lives were laid and how much money was spent during the previous military interventions of Britain.

“Therefore, it is more important for Johnson to save money on sending two warships to the Black Sea” in support of Ukraine. ” It is unnecessary, he will not support her in any way, two ships solve her nothing. This unnecessary demonstration of British post-imperial complexes can be dispensed with, ”sums up Pushkov.

And in imprisoning his commentary, Alexei Pushkov recommends that the British government buy a Russian vaccine with the saved weapons and save hundreds of thousands of Britons from the coronavirus.

Earlier it became known that two British warships are being prepared for shipment to the Black Sea.

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