May 2, 2021
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Pushilin believes that the Easter truce in Donbass is Kiev’s PR move

The agreement on an eternal truce exists, and so it is necessary to observe them, and not to conclude newly made agreements if there is no way to control them.

Pushilin believes that the Easter truce in Donbass is Kiev's PR move

Onion of the self-proclaimed Donetsk nation-wide republic Denis Pushilin called the Easter truce in Donbass a PR move for Kiev, RIA Novosti writes. This is how he responded to the notification from Minsk, where the contact groups could not agree on a truce proposed by Ukraine on April 25.

Pushilin noticed that an agreement on a perpetual truce exists and these obligations must be respected, and that what the contact group was discussing was “empty statements for the sake of PR.” He also noted that the order of stopping the heat, stipulated by the Minsk agreements, is not observed.

Instead of ceaselessly imprisoning a truce, which has already happened 22 times, it is necessary to control the situation and punish violators of the order to stop the heat, the politician is sure.

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