Sep 10, 2022
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Puppies rescued from home without running water or electricity

puppies rescued from a bad ownerNow Nicole Butler is overjoyed looking at the playful puppies of Jenkins, Jelly, Junior, Jenny and Julian.

puppies rescued from a bad owner

But until recently, these kids were a pitiful sight, because they lived with a lady from Tennessee (USA), who did not care about her numerous pets at all. The house had no running water or electricity. However, all the animals were still kept outside in conditions very far from ideal. The mistress, who was unable to provide care for the wards, became interested in the Big Fluffy Dog rescue organization, in which Nicole works.

puppies rescued from a bad owner

Five puppies and their mother were saved, but now Nicole herself needs help. Big Fluffy Dog’s facilities are close to overcrowding, so the puppies need to find loving homes and new homes. However, while playing with her cute little friends, Nicole hopes that this will not be a problem.

Naughty hid so well that they had to be rescued

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