Jan 12, 2021
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Pugacheva sponsored the installation of a monument at the grave of Shainsky

The famous Soviet and Russian composer passed away three years ago. Recently it turned out that his grave would be in a sad state, and there was no money to install the monument.

Pugacheva sponsored the installation of a monument at the grave of Shainsky

Soviet and Russian composer Vladimir Shainsky passed away in January 2018. He was buried at the Troekurovsky burial ground. People were so idolized by Shainsky that they threw a huge abyss of flowers and wreaths on his grave. Times later – in December 2020 – it turned out that no one really watches the grave. They dusted it with sand and tidied up the fence.

They were preparing to erect the monument this summer. We already drew a sketch, but there were problems with money. Alla Pugacheva supported the problem. On the air of Channel One, Vladimir Yakovlevich’s friend, Andrei Udalov, said that the Prima Donna was not hungry for the public to inform about her help.

Udalov says that when a big concert in memory of Shainsky was being prepared, he began to call the artists to invite them to the event. He remembered one of them. Vladimir Yakovlevich narrated that on the first tour of Siberia he performed with it. And then Udalov made up his mind, while he did not guess on anything.

When he called the artist, she asked about the monument, and Andrey confessed that there was nothing on the grave. Then the singer called him to her, they discussed the sketch of the monument, and she allocated pennies for it. “The name of the singer is Alla Pugacheva,” Udalov summed up his own story.

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