May 1, 2022
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Psychosomatics of sinusitis

Psychosomatics of sinusitis

The main conflict underlying the psychosomatics of sinusitis is “it smells bad around.”

Sinusitis is a recovery phase (R. G. Hamer “New German Medicine”) after the resolution of this conflict.

For example, a woman goes on maternity leave, and she develops severe sinusitis. She works in a shoe factory. And if earlier the smells of glue and other substances in the factory did not bother her, then with the onset of pregnancy and before going on maternity leave, she was worried about the smells of glue and other substances in the air – they would suddenly affect the health of the baby.

Another example. Husband and wife do not get along with each other. On top of that, the husband loses his job and settles at home. Those few months that the husband spends at home, trying to build a job, become an agonizing time for the wife. She works at home and is not only not used to someone else’s presence, but also the relationship with her husband is not the closest. On the same day, when the husband goes to work, the wife begins sinusitis (which lasts the longer, the longer the time of experiences).

Going on vacation from an unloved job, the end of the school year, the dismissal of a colleague with whom there were conflicts – conflict resolution, and sinusitis, as a result.

If sinusitis is chronic, then the conflict is also “chronic”. It’s time to change something.

Psychosomatics of sinusitis (frontal sinusitis, ethmoiditis, sinusitis)

All sines are related to the theme of direction. Where should you move? What to choose?

If a person often suffers from not understanding what decisions he should make, he may develop chronic sinusitis. Or it is not clear what to choose: to continue to stay in the old unloved, but well-paid job, or to look for a new one.

Gilbert Renaud (“Memory Healing”) offers to consider a few more topics related to the psychosomatics of sinusitis.

  • A man can have chronic sinusitis if his wife insists on having a child all the time, but he does not want to.
  • A person cannot collect debts – that which belongs to him, from which he suffers.

Good luck and healthy thoughts to you.

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