Jan 12, 2021
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Psychosomatics is an unforgiving thing, all women’s diseases are from grudges against men

Psychosomatics is an unforgiving thing, all women's diseases are from grudges against men

In one of the difficult periods, it seemed to me that I was attracting misfortune. Of course, everything can be attributed to a decrease in immunity, where an untreated disease causes complications. But when your life is falling into the abyss, and medicines do not help, you agree to any affirmations.

Three years ago I got acquainted with my illness. It was a normal running day. Stable home, shop, work. Sometimes pharmacy, bags and market on weekends. And so along a reflective contour, diluting stability with wine and a couple of “reliable” friends. Several months of treatment are ineffective, then another six months are wasted.

I believe in evidence-based medicine. I believe in medical education, in the power of droppers and tablets. I often wait, I wait for it to pass. And here it does not work, even burst! Is it really true that the destructive force is within us?

When the attending physician advised to see a psychologist, this caused a violent reaction. All these “shrinks” are for weaklings, but I am a successful woman, work is a dream, even a man is nearby! A few days later I signed up for a specialist and waited for a miracle.

The miracle did not happen, but there was a desire to live and change everything! Although I didn’t turn the world upside down, I’m incredibly proud of myself that I managed to find a way to solve many problems that were firmly in my head. You need to love yourself, live and enjoy every minute! Accumulating resentment, anger and negativity, we burn out from within, and this gives rise to all sorts of diseases in our beloved body.

In the first place among diseases in women are gynecological diseases. And they love to express themselves with a “bouquet” – inflammation, endometriosis, cysts, tumors, thrush … Along with traditional treatment, one should not forget about the psychological state. It has been scientifically proven that the right attitude can help you cope with any disease.

In this article I will not go into the details of the protocol treatment of diseases. I will tell you what psychological reasons can block recovery. Having got rid of them, you will certainly come closer to a positive result.

Uterine fibroids – symptoms and signs

Common signs of this benign tumor are menstrual irregularities, profuse uterine bleeding, spotting in the middle of the cycle. In this case, there is an atypical increase in the volume of the abdomen, pulling pains below and upset stool. Symptoms of uterine fibroids with menopause are similar, but treatment is not always required.

Fibroids often cause infertility. The main treatment is surgery.

The tumor occurs in women who are constantly in a bad mood, suffer from depression and hold a grudge for a long time, especially towards their loved ones.

To overcome the disease, you first need to get rid of anger. Sincerely forgive the person who offended you. Neither you and no one else, no one and nothing. Pay less attention to your own shortcomings, focus on your merits. This also applies to relationships with men, do not blame them for your problems. Do what you love, try to overcome depression on your own or with the help of a specialist.

Ovarian cyst

This benign neoplasm is located in the tissues of the ovaries and is filled with liquid contents. Its danger is that the cyst can turn into a malignant tumor and provoke infertility. In some cases, with inflammation of the cyst leg, peritonitis or intestinal obstruction occurs.

The psychological causes of this disease are excessive fear, overprotection, jealousy and a desire to control everything by sorting out the relationship. To cope, teach yourself to respect others. The main reason for your phobias is childhood fears and incorrectly experienced memories. Stop being afraid of them, everything is in the past! It’s time to take care of yourself, to believe in your own strength.

Candidiasis or thrush

By itself, this fungal disease does not create serious complications, except for some discomfort. But it is often accompanied by vaginitis and causes a general decrease in immunity.

Thrush occurs in self-confident women who seek total control and do not want to accept help. First of all, you need to allow yourself to retire. Give loved ones more freedom and respect their actions. You should develop patience and the ability to thank others.

Climax is normal! It is inevitable and an integral part of women’s maturation. It cannot be avoided, but it is quite possible to postpone and facilitate the course. Climacteric complications are accompanied by fever, unreasonable changes in body temperature, sleep disturbances, decreased ability to work, and sudden mood swings.

During menopause, chronic illnesses are exacerbated, because the body and mind are in constant stress due to hormonal disruptions. But the process can exacerbate an inferiority complex, dissatisfaction with one’s life, constant fatigue and neglect of personal interests.

Emotional reboots can help alleviate menopause. You need to accept yourself as you are, with all the changes. With age, people become not only wrinkled, but also wiser. Reconsider your life priorities, focus on your personal life and love your old age even more than your youth.

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