Oct 19, 2021
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Psychiatrist named foods that can fight blues and depression

Psychiatrist named foods that can fight blues and depression

The darker the chocolate, the healthier it is.

Some foods, due to their properties, are able to protect the body from the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

With the onset of cold weather, we are more and more often overcome by sad thoughts. And this is no coincidence, because there is such a term as “autumn blues”, meaning the depressed emotional state of a person that arose in the autumn period. And, of course, at this time it is necessary to take special care of your health and pay close attention to the diet, on which our emotional state directly depends.

A complete and balanced meal will protect your body and fill it with energy, enrich it with vitamins and help avoid blues and depression. About what products should be in the “autumn diet”, told the American psychiatrist Uma Naidu.

Dark chocolate

This product will definitely appeal to those with a sweet tooth, in addition, it helps to normalize the work of brain cells. We are talking about dark chocolate, rich in such useful substances as antioxidants and flavanols, which have a beneficial effect on the cells of the most important organ – the brain. Moreover, the darker the chocolate, the better and more useful it is, the psychiatrist noted.

However, an excess of this product, like a deficiency, is harmful to the body, especially to the blood vessels. Therefore, it is important to eat chocolate in moderation and, of course, it is necessary to comply with the norm established by the researchers, which is no more than 45 grams per week.


Berries are also beneficial for brain function. According to the specialist, they are rich in all the essential substances that slow down the loss of cognitive abilities and fight oxidative stress. These substances include: antioxidants, nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

By adding a variety of berries to your diet, you yourself will not notice how the autumn blues will bypass you. And all because when eating berries weaken the symptoms of anxiety disorder, the doctor said. Incredible, but true!

Turmeric and herbs

The spice has been shown to reduce anxiety, disorder and age-related cognitive decline. Foods such as leafy greens such as spinach, Swiss chard, and watercress can also be of great benefit, as they are rich in folate, which can lead to increased depressive symptoms if not deficient.

Uma Naidu also recommended eating plenty of healthy fermented foods, which include sauerkraut, miso, kombucha drink, kefir, and yogurt.

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