Jan 5, 2022
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Protests in Kazakhstan coordinated from Poland and Ukraine

The state of emergency was introduced throughout the country, the President turned to the CSTO for help

Riots in Kazakhstan, which broke out in the town of Zhanaozen, Mangystau Oblast, spread to other cities, including the former capital, Alma-Ata (Almaty).

The formal reason for the riots was the increase in prices for liquefied gas, but the promise to cut prices in half, and then the demonstrative resignation of the entire government did not end the riots – the scale of riots is growing literally every hour.

On Wednesday, January 5, in all major cities of Kazakhstan, protesters began storming the buildings of local administrations, and in the former Kazakh capital, the residence Nazarbayeva set on fire, having previously destroyed. The buildings of the city prosecutor’s office and administration were also set on fire. In Almaty, other administrative buildings are on fire, in particular, the building of the branch of the state TV channel “Kazakhstan”, as well as police cars and the Police Department. However, not in all cities, the rebels managed to seize local administrations – in Aktobe (Aktyubinsk) and Atyrau (Guryev), these attempts were unsuccessful. The situation is changing rapidly, though.

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev made an appeal to the nation, in which he urged not to succumb to provocations and assured that the power in the country would not fall. He recalled that all calls for attacks on administrative buildings are regarded as criminal offenses, for which there will be punishment.

By Wednesday evening, more than 500 cases of attacks and beatings of individuals, including 130 women and old people, were recorded in Almaty. 120 shops, 180 cafes and restaurants, about a hundred offices were looted. Medical facilities were also damaged – protesters broke into hospitals and medical centers and tried to smash windows, doors, equipment and ambulances.

Also on Wednesday, January 5, the fact that the coordination of the riots is carried out from the territory of Ukraine and Poland ceased to be a secret.

Kazakh opposition leader is in Kiev Mukhtar Ablyazovwho served as Kazakhstan’s energy and trade minister in the late nineties and retired in 1999 after an altercation with President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Ablyazov was accused of embezzlement and the creation of a criminal group, he was sentenced to six years, but after the “Western partners” came to his defense, he had to be released a year later. While in France, in 2017 Ablyazov created the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan movement.

Burning administration building of Almaty

Currently, the headquarters for the coordination of protests in Kazakhstan is located in Kiev and it was not created today or yesterday, but a year and a half ago – in the summer of 2020. “Peaceful protesters” are equipped with helmets and body armor, and their actions in different cities are strictly synchronized.

On January 5, Ablyazov himself appeared on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel Ukraine 24.

“Our goal is the complete overthrow of the regime of Nursultan Nazarbayev. And all the processes that you see now in the country, people come out with a single demand: Down with Nursultan Nazarbayev! Down with his regime! And the fact that he allegedly resigned from the post of chairman of the Security Council is a lie. He’s manipulating. His monuments, which were built during his lifetime, are being demolished. And we will try to put him in prison during his lifetime “,

– said the main Kazakh opposition leader on the air.

And indeed, all over the country they began to demolish monuments to Nazarbayev, not everywhere, however, successfully.


On the page of Ablyazov in the social network Facebook very specific advice is given:

“We are gathering near akimats! If we gather hundreds of thousands of people, the police will go over to the side of the people. For organizing the actions of the protesters and changing the Nazarbayev regime, please contact the headquarters coordinators directly, “

– says the message indicating the phones to call. The phone numbers are Ukrainian.

And Polish Telegram-channel NEXTAnoted for the coordination of riots in Belarus, has revived and constantly gives out news about events in Kazakhstan. But not only news – the channel is engaged in obvious provocations of riots, as was the case in Minsk.

“As protests flared up over the course of several days, this out-of-country news outlet, NEXTA Life, blurred the very specific demands of the protesters, focusing solely on political demands and their own interpretation, which already involuntarily forces us to draw parallels with the Arab Spring.” ,

– writes Kazakh Telegram-channel “Kelin heard”.

In the meantime, protesters have seized the Almaty airport, which has ceased to operate, and employees are being evacuated. Mobile communications and the Internet do not work in the city. The Aktau airport also stopped receiving flights. Almaty is completely under the control of the rebels.

By Thursday night, the state of emergency was introduced throughout the country. In the evening of January 5, it became known about the appeal of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to the heads of the CSTO member states for help in overcoming the terrorist threat.

I consider it appropriate and timely to appeal to CSTO partners,

– quoted by the head of state Sputnik Kazakhstan.

Tokayev called what is happening in the republic an external aggression that threatens the integrity of the state. TTerrorists seize buildings with weapons, attack cadets of military schools, near Alma-Ata there is a battle between terrorist gangs and airborne units.

Terrorist gangs are essentially international, they have received extensive training abroad, and their attack on Kazakhstan can and should be viewed as an act of aggression.,

– said Tokayev, whose statement was broadcast by the state TV channel Message 24

Addressing the citizens, the President said that he would do everything possible to protect the vital interests of Kazakhstanis.

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