Jul 24, 2020
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Protesting Belarusians found replacement for Lukashenka

Belarusians are tired of Alexander Lukashenko - the demand for a president of the new format is greater than ever, and people have an understanding of who can become such a leader. Political observer Andrei Porotnikov writes about this.

State-controlled Belarusian media predict a landslide victory for Alexander Lukashenko in the August 9 presidential elections. In response, people will come out to protest, and law enforcement agencies will suppress the actions of those who disagree, but society has irrevocably changed, Porotnikov believes.

The protesters are ready to see anyone in the presidential chair, but not Lukashenko, the observer is sure. Active and young politicians would be preferable for them - activist Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and former banker Viktor Babariko, the political scientist writes. He considers restaurateur Vadim Prokopyev to be an example of such a leader, who addressed the president with rather harsh rhetoric.

And the state propaganda praising Alexander Lukashenko is working less and less effectively, the political observer states. The authorities are trying to restore the confidence of the population before the elections: they slightly raise pensions, give out regular promises to state employees, but this requires a lot of money, and there is less and less money against the background of the economic crisis in the republic, the expert writes in an article on the Belarusian portal Svobodnye Novosti.

A little more than two weeks are left before the presidential elections in Belarus. Many citizens would vote for former banker Viktor Babariko or diplomat Valery Tsepkalo, but the Central Election Commission did not allow them to vote. And the latter, together with his family, had to hide from the pressure of the authorities in Moscow.

Of the popular alternative candidates, only Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was admitted to the presidential elections in Belarus. It was supported by the election headquarters of Viktor Babariko and Valery Tsepkalo. Together they will seek fair elections.

The CEC retaliated by limiting the number of independent observers at polling stations. This suggests that Alexander Lukashenko fears defeat from Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, believes the Belarusian politician Viktor Korneenko.

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