Dec 28, 2020
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Protection for the elderly. Vaccination of the elderly begins in Moscow

On December 28, a record for vaccination against COVID-19 for citizens over 60 years old was opened in Moscow. Also, volunteers, workers in the housing and communal services sector, public catering enterprises, the sports industry, employees of religious organizations, law enforcement agencies and NGOs can now be vaccinated.

The number of people who can get protection from the coronavirus is growing in Moscow every week. From Monday, December 28, the vaccination enrollment for older people was open.

Previously, an age limit of 18 to 60 years was set for Sputnik V, as longer clinical trials were needed to test the effectiveness of the vaccine for the elderly.

The studies conducted have proven the safety and effectiveness of the drug, and the Russian Ministry of Health approved its use for older people.

Who Can Get Sputnik V Vaccine

Vaccination points were opened in Moscow in early December. Employees of medical institutions, including private clinics, employees of educational institutions employed in the field of culture, including employees of private organizations, trade, services, industrial enterprises, transport, energy, employees of city social services, centers of public services “My Documents ”and mass media.

Starting from December 28, in addition to the elderly, workers in the housing sector, public catering enterprises employed in the sports industry, employees of religious organizations and NGOs, law enforcement agencies and volunteers will also be able to get vaccinated.

Now in the capital, on the basis of city polyclinics, 70 vaccination points have been opened, which will work during the New Year holidays, so that as many people as possible can receive the vaccine.

Existing restrictions

It is important to note that there are some restrictions for vaccination. You can get vaccinated against COVID-19 if a person does not have chronic diseases, if he is over 18 years old, does not participate in a clinical trial of a vaccine, has not had an acute respiratory viral infection within two weeks before vaccination and is not sick at the time of vaccination, as well as in the last 30 days have not been vaccinated. For women, there are additional restrictions – pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to get the vaccine

If you have an attachment to a Moscow polyclinic, you can sign up for vaccinations on the and portals, in the city mobile applications “Moscow State Services”, “My Moscow” and “EMIAS.INFO”, through information kiosks in polyclinics or by phone.

If there is no attachment to the Moscow polyclinic, you can sign up for vaccination by calling the nearest polyclinic. You can find the nearest one on

Vaccination rooms are open daily from 08:00 to 20:00. When applying, you must present a passport and an OMS policy, and for employees of industries, a document is also required that confirms the fact of work in Moscow in the relevant industry (for example, a certificate from the place of work). This can be, for example, a certificate from work.

You will need at least an hour of free time: a doctor’s examination before vaccination (10 minutes), preparation of the drug, since the vaccine is stored frozen, the drug is thawed before the procedure for about 15 minutes, observation after vaccination (about 30 minutes).

After the procedure, the person receives a certificate with vaccination marks (date of vaccination, name of the vaccine, doctor’s signature), confirming the fact of being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Vaccination is the main protection against COVID-19 in a pandemic. The effectiveness of the Russian drug “Sputnik V” reaches 95%.

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