Oct 10, 2021
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Prosecutor General of Moldova: “There is a process of seizing state institutions”

Romania is worried: the situation among neighbors is heating up

Chisinau court issued a decision on house arrest for the Prosecutor General of Moldova late on Friday Alexandra Stoyanoglo for a period of 30 days. The judgment lasted all day. Witnesses claim that the Prosecutor General was kept in the basement all this time so that he would not hear the noise of protests under the walls of the court.

The court’s decision was read out by the prosecutor Victor Furtune, who demanded a 30-day arrest with placement in a pre-trial detention center.

Recall that the General Prosecutor of Moldova, Alexander Stoyanoglo, was removed from office by the Supreme Council of Prosecutors on the basis of charges under four articles of the Criminal Code on Tuesday, after which, late in the evening, he was detained for 72 hours.

During the arrest, Stoyanoglo told reporters that his arrest was “revenge Mai Sandu”, Who immediately hastened to refute his statement, assuring that she had never interfered with the work of prosecutors.

“I do not agree with this decision, since I am innocent. I do not admit my guilt on any of the charges. Prosecutors did not present any proof of my guilt, apart from screenshots from news sites and newspaper clippings. They had one goal – to remove me from office. The process of seizing state institutions is underway “,

– Stoyanoglo told reporters after the end of the trial.

A criminal case was opened against the suspended Deputy Prosecutor General Ruslana Popova, and on Friday, information about his arrest appeared in the Moldovan media. Acting Prosecutor General Dumitru Rob refused to answer journalists’ questions, reports NewsMaker

The fact is that after the arrest of Stoyanoglo, his deputies Ruslan Popov and Yuri Perevoznik not only managed to transfer to the Supreme Council of Prosecutors a package of documents confirming the innocence of the prosecutor general, but also spoke at a press conference at which they proved that Stoyanoglo’s arrest was illegal, all documents were falsified.

Head of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon has no doubt that President Maia Sandu is behind it all.

“Sandu already controls all state institutions. Now she wants to take control of the General Prosecutor’s Office in order to crack down on political opponents. This is a coup d’état and usurpation of power by the president ”,

– the ex-president commented on the events in Moldova.

Even in Bucharest, it was hinted that the whole story with the arrest of the prosecutor general would not add to Sandu’s popularity.

“What is happening in Moldova does not help the government and President Maia Sandu in any way. It is not entirely clear why the arrest was necessary, perhaps, some institutions went too far with it. There are fears that Maia Sandu and the government may become victims of an ill-conceived situation, “

– cautiously hinted a political commentator from Bucharest Sorin Ionis

Indeed, the country is ready for protests, which are spoken about not only in the opposition, but even by former associates of Sandu, for example Andrey Nastase has already promised to take his people to the streets.

Meanwhile, not yet a hundred days have passed by the new, completely pro-Western government, which includes only the supporters of Maya Sandu, in her words – “good people.” For some reason, no one explained to the president that “good people” and professionals are not synonymous.

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