Oct 6, 2021
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Prosecutor General detained in Moldova – to shut up

“The arrest of Stoyanoglo indicates that the authorities are in despair and have gone down the wrong path.”

Prosecutor General detained in Moldova Alexander Stoyanoglo – shortly before he was supposed to hold a press conference scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, October 5th. It was officially announced that the prosecutor was detained for 72 hours after the complaint of the deputy of the pro-presidential party PAS Liliana Karpa… The deputy prosecutors were also suspended from their duties.

Karp accuses Stoyanoglo of abuse of office. However, everyone understands that the Prosecutor General has become too uncomfortable for the new government, allowing himself to speak the truth, which the President of the country does not like very much. Maye Sandu

So, on the eve of his arrest, Alexander Stoyanoglo spoke at a briefing, accusing the country’s leadership, non-governmental organizations and the former ambassador of the European Union in Chisinau Peter Mikhalko in interference in the internal affairs of Moldova. And also in the discrediting campaign unfolded against him with the active support of the representatives of the European Union. At the briefing, Stoyanoglo presented to the journalists the confirmation of his accusations – a transcript of the correspondence between the presidential entourage.

“The resonant statements of the Chief Prosecutor, which hit practically the entire top of the new Moldovan government, could not be left without a reaction. If the interference of European diplomats in the internal political showdown, and even on the side of one of the political forces, is confirmed, it will greatly undermine the authority of the European Union, which, as they say, has demonstrated in practice what Brussels really has towards the Moldovan justice ”,

– the Moldovan journalist commented on the revelations of the Prosecutor General Sergey Cheban

It is clear that the authorities have no choice but to silence Stoyanoglo – a criminal case has already been opened against him, and the High Council of Prosecutors has given its permission to start criminal proceedings against the Prosecutor General. At the same time, the Supreme Council refused to listen to him.

Alexander Stoyanoglo himself called his arrest “the president’s revenge.”

According to the chairman of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) Igor Dodon, the detention of the attorney general is a “fatal political mistake of the authorities”.

“The real reason for the arrest was the facts he presented about the interference of Western diplomats in the internal affairs of our country. He wanted to publish new data in the evening, but the authorities, who are afraid of these revelations, took illegal measures. The way it was done – without reason, with a “mask-show”, in a hurry, at night, out of fear of the information he possesses – testifies to the fact that the government is in despair and has taken an extremely erroneous path. But times always change, and no one will escape responsibility for lawlessness. And today was the beginning of the end of this regime ”,

– the ex-president of Moldova has no doubts.

Let us remind you that it was Stoyanoglo who tried to actively investigate the abduction of the Ukrainian judge Chaus, it was he who accused the Ukrainian special services of involvement in this abduction. Now, it is likely that the investigation will lead nowhere, because the whole story of the kidnapping of the judge threatens the authority of Maya Sandu.

The PSRM demanded the publication of materials that the prosecutor general was supposed to present at the briefing, and also announced a series of protests that will begin on Sunday.

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