Sep 13, 2021
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Pronko: "The Russian elite is completely corrupted"

They have built so-called stability here, but they prefer to have “alternate airfields” outside Russia, where they send their families, where they have luxury real estate, and hundreds of billions of dollars are circulating in “blind trusts”. They tell us about love for the Motherland, about patriotism, and they themselves, by and large, have been living over the hill for a long time.

Here, in Russia, they have a “watch”, and there – real life. They buy houses and land in Spain, Montenegro, Italy. The price of the issue is tens of billions of dollars, which are being withdrawn from Russia. It became known this business week that the net capital outflow of the private sector from Russia for eight months amounted, according to preliminary data, to more than $ 51 billion.

Unfortunately, our offshore aristocracy, which pretends to be patriots, has always been doing these things. Our so-called elite have only one God – this is money, the only place where they keep it is in the West. And in this regard, they will always withdraw money there, regardless of the liberalization of any legislation, – said political scientist Georgy Fedorov. – Because, apparently, at some time such rules of the game were established in our country … This is the misfortune of our country. Because those people who do not see their future in our country, they, of course, doom our country to a miserable existence, to this state in the economy, in the social sphere, in which we are now.

Many “masters of life” have not only luxury real estate outside of Russia – they own large foreign assets. It would seem that if these people have built a special type of stability in our country, why do they need “alternate airfields”? The answer, I think, is obvious! They are well aware that the system they have built stands on “feet of clay,” but they pursue their own selfish interests.

Capital is fleeing the country. This suggests that profits are being withdrawn: the private trader withdraws profits, does not want to invest in the domestic economy. And in connection with these things, the outflow of capital also increases. As for the legislation concerning the foreign exchange and financial markets, in Russia they allow capital to escape quite calmly, – added Doctor of Economics Oleg Sukharev. – Numerous proposals of economists, starting from Sergei Glazyev and ending with your humble servant, to tighten this legislation, these measures, these proposals turn out to be ineffective. In essence, the policy was and is being carried out in favor of currency and financial speculators and in favor of capital flowing out of Russia.

Over the past 30 years, our elite has become completely corrupted. She broadcasts one thing to us from blue screens, but pursues other interests in her decisions and actions. At the same time, attempts to nationalize the “servants of the people” fail again and again. Ultra-liberal legislation, such as currency legislation, is being adopted, which turns Russia into a gateway.

It is clear that the withdrawal of capital is associated, firstly, with a very liberal monetary policy. Unfortunately, it is still more profitable for financial institutions to make money on speculation than on investments within the country, ” explained economist Alexander Dudchak. – And it turns out, well, with a liberal policy, despite the fact that the ruble will not become an investment currency in any way, there is both a temptation and an opportunity to withdraw capital abroad. The increase in its volumes, one might say, is due to the fact that, indeed, the prices for energy carriers in the external market have grown, and business activity is growing. And it turns out that in connection with certain factors, money is being withdrawn abroad – again for the purpose of speculation.

The elite for their beloved decided to leave the opportunity to have “alternate airfields” outside the stability that they had built in Russia. They will have where to dump. Honestly, it is very insulting for our Motherland, for our people, who have such a shameful elite. I think, sooner or later, this chaos will still come to an end. But when?

Yuri Pronko

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