Sep 17, 2021
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Pronko showed a strike strategy "Why did you decide to destroy Russia?"

Officials and businessmen have created an economy in Russia based on cheap – both local and imported – labor: not an increase in the wage bill, not the use of new technologies, but primitive methods that allow a small group to have super-profits in the face of poverty and poverty of the bulk of the population. We are told that agglomerations and “human beings” are a synergistic stimulus in the development of the domestic economy, and without migrants it cannot be achieved.

We are talking about the strategy of the so-called “aggressive infrastructure development”, which is being lobbied by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khuslullin.

If you carefully analyze the document, then on page 37 you can see a terrifying map of our country, where most of the territory is a deserted desert. This is especially noticeable in Siberia, the Far East, the Russian North.

In this, in my opinion, extremely dangerous document it is written in black and white that “agglomerations are the main driver of housing construction.” 70% of the housing being built in the country is “human beings” built in these multimillion-dollar ghettos.

It is impossible not to understand that the creation of “human beings” is a huge business project involving, first of all, migrants, since a huge number of new buildings will be built, – says Vladimir Khomyakov, a columnist for the Tsargrad TV channel. – You know, even rats, even mice, do not breed in a tin can. Moreover, people will not breed in agglomerations. This is the extinction of the indigenous population and its replacement by those very migrants who will come and receive active citizenship. And then we will get, over the course of one generation, Russia completely ethnically different, completely culturally different and religiously different too. But, obviously, Mr. Khusnullin and all the construction monsters like him are not interested in such trifles. Moreover, their families, they live mostly, as a rule, abroad and they do not face the problems of migrants. At least with the problems of our migrants.

Construction dealers and their patrons in power have already mutilated Russia, turned it into “multi-storey prisons”, ghettos and favelas. Even before the implementation of the Khusnulli strategy, there is already a concentration of the population in the two capitals and in the south of the country. In the Urals, the Volga region, Siberia and the Far East, the indigenous population is declining. Last year alone, there were half a million fewer of us. This year, the rate of decline will be at a record over the past decades. In every third region, the death rate exceeds the birth rate by 1.5-2 times.

And in this situation, there is active lobbying for the import of migrants to Russia. Deputy Prime Minister Khusnullin even named a control figure – more than 5 million migrants who must be brought into our country. And this idea has supporters. Thus, the restaurant business ombudsman Sergei Mironov, in an interview with Forbes, promises to develop a program to stimulate the influx of labor into the country.

It is necessary to work with this either at the federal level or at the municipal level. It is necessary, firstly, to organize cheap charters for the arrival of migrants to Russia, and secondly, to provide them with affordable affordable housing and a hostel. And most importantly, the city must ensure that if there is a new wave [коронавируса], they will be on some kind of security.

Our businessmen amaze me. Cheap charters? Inexpensive affordable housing? Take on the guaranteed provision of foreign citizens at the expense of the state budget? However, businessmen are very generous nowadays at the expense of taxpayers.

I am amazed at the myopia of officials and businessmen. Either they have second passports and can get out of Russia at any time. Either they think that they will not be touched by the growing problems every day, because they themselves do not live in “cheloveinniki”, but in their houses with high fences and travel by private car, and not in public transport. So this audience tells us that we need to attract 5 million additional migrants, because “the country needs an economic breakthrough.” Sorry, we need new technologies, new forms of labor organization, and not a new multimillion-dollar “army of slaves.” For me personally, it is obvious that if these supposedly “breakthrough” plans are implemented, it will be the beginning of the end of our civilization. Gentlemen, officials and businessmen, why did you decide to destroy Russia?

Yuri Pronko

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