Sep 6, 2022
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Prokhor Chaliapin spoke about his status as a gigolo


Singer Prokhor Chaliapin has always been famous for having affairs with rich women who were much older than him.

Having made several high-profile confessions about his personal life, the singer Prokhor Chaliapin disowned the status of gigolo, which viewers often attribute to him.

The 38-year-old artist assured that none of his many wealthy girlfriends gave him apartments.

Larisa Kopenkina, whom everyone knows, is very bright, I still love her in my own way. She did not possess these mythical millions! Yes, she is a wealthy Muscovite, but she never supported me, never gave me anything.”, Chaliapin says in his video confession.

Alla Pinyaeva was like that in my life. I am very grateful to her. She is already over 70. She appeared in my life when I was hardly 17 years old. I performed outside the city, in a boarding house. She gave me flowers, surrounded me with love and care. Helped me for a while. It was a warm heartfelt support from her side. Allah did not give me apartments“.

Prokhor Chaliapin - photo from the archive -
Prokhor Chaliapin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The apartment in which I live in Moscow is my own, I suffered through it and got it legally, saving money. I earned it with work, sweat and blood“.

Prokhor believes that he does not fall under the definition of “alphonse”.

Alphonse is a man who lies on the couch and does nothing. He eats, drinks, exists at the expense of a woman. I always made money on talk shows, concerts, advertising. Let not billions, but I always had my own money“, – said the artist.

The full confession of Prokhor Chaliapin is published on the Premier video service.

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