Sep 15, 2022
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Prokhor Chaliapin put on a wig like Andrey Malakhov


Fans of the 38-year-old singer Prokhor Chaliapin suspected that he was bald.

The artist, known for his scandalous personal life and outrageous photos on social networks, suddenly tried on an image that was completely uncharacteristic of him. The artist abandoned the radiant smile and outfits that emphasize the figure, and instead donned a velvet cloak and a wig with long curly curls.

Judging by the quote with which the singer accompanied the photo shoot posted on his Telegram channel, he tried to reincarnate as Count Dracula.

I am the feeling in the strings and the anguish of the heart. I’m impossible, I have no rules. And before me the whole world will fade, because both God and the Devil play with me ...,” reads the caption to the pictures.

Prokhor Chaliapin in a wig, according to fans
Prokhor Chaliapin in a wig, according to fans

Chaliapin’s fans were sincerely discouraged by his brutal appearance and were divided in opinion regarding the artist’s experiment. Some even suggested that the singer chose such a gloomy outfit and put on a wig for a reason.

Prokhor – smile, joy and bright colors. Black is just for looks. Photo class, but no. We don’t need aggression and cold”, “No, Prokhor, this is not your image … Come back”, “God, the wig … Everything is like Malakhov’s, I was even scared. Are you all right?”, “Why such a wig … Do you have something to hide?”, — the commentators were alarmed.

Internet users remembered the host of “Russia 1” for a reason. Last year, he also began to appear in public in a chignon, which gave reason to suspect that he had a serious illness that provoked hair loss. And this summer, Malakhov took off his wig and showed his real hairstyle – a short crew cut.

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