Oct 12, 2021
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Prokhor Chaliapin married a millionaire over a dispute


Singer Prokhor Chaliapin spoke about his relationship with his late wife.

At the end of September, 37-year-old Prokhor Chaliapin lost his wife, a millionaire from Canada, Tatiana Claudia Davis, whom he married two months ago. The public does not believe in the sincerity of the singer’s grief, and his acquaintances and colleagues are sure that the celebration was fictitious and the artist has no stamp in his passport.

As it turned out, Chaliapin did not harbor any strong feelings for Tatiana, and they decided to get married because of a dispute, which Prokhor himself admitted to shortly before his wife’s death.

I had no love for her, it’s over. Just sympathy, she approached me by psychotype … She calls me and says: “Prokhor, you know, let’s get married.” Tatyana argued with her friend that she would get married faster“, – explained the artist.

Prokhor Chaliapin
Prokhor Chaliapin

However, Chaliapin assures that despite the spontaneity of their marriage, they formalized an alliance in accordance with all the rules. It is no coincidence that before the celebration, Davis insisted that her future husband sign a marriage contract designed to secure her property. Prokhor could not get acquainted with the content of the agreement in detail, because it was in English and took 150 pages, but he understood the main idea: each of the spouses remains with their property upon divorce, writes Channel Five.

Meanwhile, lawyers believe that if Prokhor was really married to Tatyana, then he may well claim part of her inheritance, because after the death of one of the spouses, the marriage contract becomes invalid, and the will decides everything.

Recall that Prokhor Chaliapin met with a millionaire from Canada for about two years, but because of the coronavirus epidemic, they did not see each other for a long time, and then suddenly announced the wedding. But after the celebration, Tatiana fell ill with coronavirus and was admitted to the hospital. At the clinic, Davis fell into a coma and soon died without regaining consciousness.

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