Nov 1, 2021
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Prokhor Chaliapin left four apartments for himself after the death of his wife


Singer Prokhor Chaliapin remained a wealthy widower.

The artist spoke about the fate of four apartments in Moscow, which his late wife Tatyana Davis acquired as an investment and registered for him. During the “live broadcast” with his friend Lena Lenina, the artist stressed that he would keep the property for himself.

I’m not going to return anything to anyone, ”the artist emphasized. – “This is not an inheritance, it was formalized, let’s not raise this topic now, I don’t want to annoy people, I live a very modest life“.

Prokhor Chaliapin
Prokhor Chaliapin

We are talking about four apartments worth 70 million rubles. Tatiana Davis wanted to live in one of them with Prokhor, and to take three of them.

Lena Lenina asked her comrade not to be shy and keep these apartments for herself and not give them to anyone – she is sure that his wife wanted to please him, so she registered the property for her husband.

By the way, Chaliapin continues to be accused of PR. The artist himself admitted that he, together with Tatyana’s parents, would be glad if all this was invented. Now he continues to keep in touch with them and is even going to fly to them in America.

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