Jun 17, 2022
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Prokhor Chaliapin is shocked by what they write about his mother


The mother of the singer Prokhor Chaliapin is accused of bribery.

Last fall, the artist’s mother was convicted on charges of using her official position. It was reported that Elena Kolesnikova, being an employee of city hospital No. 2, helped criminals avoid corrective labor for a generous reward.

In May, the Volgograd court passed a sentence against the mother of Prokhor Chaliapin. The woman was found guilty of bribery, as well as official forgery, and sentenced to three years and three months probation.

Elena Kolesnikova worked in the city hospital and served as a housewife. According to Prokhor, there were no grounds for opening a case. “Leave mom alone, write about me! Mom was declared almost the main bribe taker in Volgograd, which causes laughter among ordinary citizens. Maybe the officials decided to arrange a ostentatious affair, but everything is out of place, everything is stupid and past. My mother is very simple, and people see it. And God sees everything, He will punish everyone!“- said the 38-year-old singer.

Prokhor Chaliapin - photo from the archive -
Prokhor Chaliapin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Despite the discontent, the musician resigned himself to the decision of justice. “I did not file an appeal so as not to get involved, although there are a lot of jambs on the part of the Investigative Committee. You can find fault indefinitely and go into proceedings for several years! exclaimed Chaliapin. “I just let go of the situation. Once again I want to express my gratitude to the court of Volgograd, more or less fair, I think, but the article still does not suit my mother. You need this tick, let it be at the expense of Elena Kolesnikova“.

Against the backdrop of proceedings, the artist’s parent’s health deteriorated. Prokhor supports his mother with all his might and asks her not to worry, as he hopes that all charges will be dropped soon.

Blaming my mom for something she didn’t do is unheard of impudence. Mom now feels just awful, we don’t invent her illnesses, she has diabetes, she is a disabled person of the second group, it’s very sad for her“, – the performer said earlier.

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