Oct 17, 2021
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Prokhor Chaliapin did not become sad for his deceased wife and went on tour


Singer Prokhor Chaliapin admitted that he had no time to mourn his deceased wife.

Less than a month later, the wife of Prokhor Chaliapin died because of covid. The tragedy was a blow to the singer, but he decided not to cancel his work plans.

Despite the heavy grief, Chaliapin still does not stop his concert activity. “I am literally running from Moscow on a two-week tour, which was planned for six months. Thank God it will take place!“- says the 37-year-old singer in his personal blog.

Chaliapin does not disregard the TV show either. On the air of the program “Hello, Andrey!” channel “Russia 1”, he sang a touching song about the deceased wife Tatyana Davis “You hugged you”, which was written for him by the composer Oleg Shaumarov. The singer spoke about how this song was created: “I felt very bad for a few days after this news. Oleg, as a friend, was the first to express condolences to me. I say: “Oleg, maybe you can write me some song, if you have the opportunity?“He did not refuse his friend and wrote it.

Prokhor Chaliapin
Prokhor Chaliapin

As the singer noted, Shaumarov definitely fell into the feelings of Prokhor, who is experiencing the loss of his beloved. “He sent me the lyrics of the song,” the singer shares. – I see an absolutely appropriate text, absolutely about me, about my life, about my situation. I was already shaking. “

We will remind, immediately after the luxurious wedding of Chaliapin and Davis in Las Vegas, the state of health of 47-year-old Tatiana suddenly worsened, the woman attributed the symptoms of covid to excitement and fatigue. Davis did not want to go to the hospital, so as not to observe a long quarantine later, so she was treated at home. Her parents also contracted covid. As a result, both Tatyana and her family members were hospitalized in one of the clinics in the United States.

Prokhor did not postpone work, even when Davis’s condition was rapidly deteriorating. At first, he was in the United States and helped his wife’s relatives, but a week after Tatiana’s hospitalization he left for Russia, where he watched a TV show, and told in social networks how he worried about his wife.

Tatiana did not manage to cope with the disease. The death of a woman was a blow to Chaliapin. On social networks, he dedicated a post permeated with grief to his wife. “It’s hard for me to write this, and I really don’t want to believe it, but my Tanya is no longer there. Goodbye, my Tanya. I will remember and love you always“, – Prokhor shared his emotions.

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