Oct 12, 2021
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Prokhor Chaliapin commented on rumors about his guilt in the death of his wife


Singer Prokhor Chaliapin was accused of intentionally infecting his wife with coronavirus.

The artist and Tatiana Claudia Davis got married in August. Three days after the celebration, the musician’s wife was hospitalized in serious condition. In September, the woman died without regaining consciousness.

The 37-year-old artist was immediately accused of the death of his wife. Allegedly, the singer specially infected his wife in order to take possession of her property. Prokhor does not intend to endure aggression in his direction – in his personal blog, he answered the ill-wishers.

I absolutely do not care what the haters say, what nonsense they write about my tragedy. Everything that you see in me is not mine, it is yours … Mine is what I see in you … I am not going to make excuses for my life and Tanya’s death – I owe nothing to anyone“, – said Chaliapin.

Prokhor Chaliapin with his late wife
Prokhor Chaliapin with his late wife

The other day, the artist has already asked the spiteful critics to leave him and Davis’ parents alone. Prokhor demanded that the enemies stop speaking negatively about him and not denigrating the name of the late Tatiana.

Stop this obscurantism based on the death of a person, leave your stupidest versions of PR and legacy. Don’t disturb me and Tatyana’s parents! And do not try to drag into a scandal and a showdown with all sorts of mongrels who have nothing to do with us, who are trying so dirty and inappropriate to accuse me and the late wife of PR“, – the musician wrote.

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