Aug 18, 2022
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Prokhor Chaliapin cannot satisfy his young mistress in bed


The new passion of the singer Prokhor Chaliapin, Olga Sun spoke frankly about sex.

36-year-old Olga San said that she had an increased libido. The model admitted that Prokhor Chaliapin was unable to satisfy her. Then she uses a vibrator.

The beloved girl of the Star Factory graduate boasted of her sexual experience. The TV presenter claims that she knows how to bring men to orgasm. Olga loves BDSM.

High sexuality went to me genetically, Sun assured. My dad is a sexually active person. He had five marriages. I’m all into it, and I can call myself a sex guru. I go to erotraverse courses. At home I have two drawers full of intimate outfits and the same number of erotic toys. I love to be tied to a crib and whipped. I can, of course, unfasten myself. I also go to strip dance, I can dance beautifully on a pole. I know different techniques to bring a man to orgasm“.

According to the model, many nuances are important for full sex. The girl needs to correctly arrange the colors in the room, you need to put the bed in the right direction. In order for a man to have an erection, not only his chosen one, but also a pillow should smell good. Sun pointed out that a girl should always be in a good mood and meet her man in a sexy dressing gown, in house slippers with fluff.

Prokhor Chaliapin with a new passion
Prokhor Chaliapin with a new passion

Erotica is a whole science! Olga explained. – It is important not only to attract a man, but also to keep him. All the men I had wanted to marry me and have children from me. This is achieved through certain knowledge“.

The TV presenter complained about Chaliapin. The girl said that the 38-year-old singer behaves abnormally during sex.

Prokhor is not always happy with my high sexual activity, — said the model. – It happens that during intimacy, he periodically bounces off me. When I miss Prokhor in bed, I have to use sex toys“.

Olga is outraged by the fact that her beloved man is very jealous of her in public. Recently he had a tantrum. The Revenge for Lupita actor scolded Sun at a social event.

In the summer I try not to wear underwear. It turns men on a lot. The day that the event took place was very strong for the feminine energy. As women, we need to be open about our sexuality. I was in a beautiful dress, under which I decided not to wear underwear. Prokhor did not like this very much, as he became embarrassed in front of those present. He started cursing and quickly took me home“, – the TV presenter told the portal Prozvezd.

Chaliapin reacted nervously to the confessions of his beloved. The artist refused to talk about this juicy topic. Moreover, he began to scream.

We didn’t invite you to our bed,” Prokhor snapped. – I’m not going to discuss anything! I have no problems in bed!“.

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