Nov 6, 2021
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Prokhor Chaliapin became the idol of older ladies


Singer Prokhor Chaliapin said that he does not consider himself a gigolo.

The artist explained his love for older ladies. The singer is famous for his romances with status women who are much older than him. Often, haters do not believe in feelings, but see only a cold calculation, calling Chaliapin a gigolo. The artist disagrees with this definition.

I don’t consider myself a gigolo. If I were a real classic gigolo, then I would not drag this whole chicken coop on television with me. I would make a pretty gig for myself, shoot videos, drive around in cars. I’ll tell you more, I would not mind being a gigolo, if they gave me something, did something for me“, – explained the singer on the air of the program” Once upon a time … “on NTV.

Prokho Chaliapin
Prokhor Chaliapin

The singer said that it is easier for him to find a language with adult women. The artist is already accustomed to jokes on this topic and even considers it his recognizable feature.

Ivan Urgant joked about me, and in the Comedy Club, it’s good, I have a humor, it doesn’t hurt me. The only thing, of course, is that you come to the concert, women who are over 80 come to frame for you. It got to the point that many elderly ladies come up to me with hope, with a twinkle in their eyes“, – notes Chaliapin.

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