Oct 26, 2021
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Project “Boys 6”: Biography of participants, retired, life after the show

Zodiac signs, social networks and life stories of the students of the “Lady’s School”.

Participants of the 6th season “Boys” Photo: YouTube | Friday

We figure out who embarked on the “path of correction” and who continued to lead a “riotous” life.

The audience is watching the project with interest. The episodes of season 6 of “Boys” are gaining tens of millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes. The project gained popularity due to the real emotions of the participants and their non-fictional stories.

Tatiana Kashirina – was born on June 24, 1995 in Novokuznetsk, was brought up in an orphanage in Kemerovo. She was subjected to violence and humiliation. Cancer by zodiac sign. In the starting series “Boys” for no reason with fists pounced on the weak. Prepared a dance number in the last episode. Instagram page: @masterbym

Julia Kirillova – date of birth – 12.08.2002. Leo by zodiac sign. Hometown Novocheboksarsk. The champion of Chuvashia in freestyle wrestling, but did not show aggression on the “Boys”. She grew up in a large family with six children. Parents abuse alcohol. In adolescence, she put her nursing sister on the bed with her mother, because she was crying. The baby died due to the negligence of the mother. The family blames Julia for what happened. Instagram: @yulkirillovaa

Julia Kirillova and Tatyana Kashirina Photo collage:

Anastasia Natochiy – Sagittarius according to the horoscope. Her real name is Natasha, but the girl does not like it because of the established stereotype. The participant lacked the attention of loved ones. Now she meets men and uses them for personal purposes. Likes demonstrative behavior. “Earned” huge bruises from other members on the first day of filming “Boys”. Works as a dance coach. She performed a romantic dance in the last episode, received the director’s praise. Instagram @

Anna Zagvozdkina – 24 years old, Libra. At home, the participant of the 6th season “Boys” constantly quarrels with relatives, locks herself in a room. A dog of the Beagle breed saves from loneliness. She showed herself in the 6th season of “Boys” as kind, fair and not aggressive. She performed rap in the sixth issue, singer Nargiz noted her talent. Instagram @ann_zagvozdkina

Anastasia Natochiy and Anna Zagvozdkina Photo collage:

Nelly Mikheeva – Capricorn by zodiac sign. 24-year-old Moskvichka lost her child due to illegal substances. Once, during a fight, she cut a man with a bottle – she was sent to a special. school. The daughter was taken by her husband because of Nelly’s inappropriate behavior. Instagram @ _belka_viy.viy

Maria Lebedeva – one of the favorites of the season. Master of Sports in Powerlifting. Has tattoos on his face. Libra by zodiac sign. Survived violence. The main instigator of conflicts in the 6th season of “Boys”. Hides femininity in itself because of the fear of the opposite sex. In fact, she danced talent in heels. Instagram @xmoverox

Nicole Nurieva and Maria Lebedeva Photo collage:

Olga and Larisa Kravtsov twins. According to the horoscope of Sagittarius. Frequent guests of nightclubs, use drugs and alcohol. Do not imagine themselves without each other on reality. Instagram @ larisa.twix

Christina Zheltochenko – Leo, 26 years old. She grew up in a disadvantaged area of ​​Khabarovsk. There was a colony across the street from her house. The mother of the participant met with the men who were serving their sentences. Chris gave up femininity to protect herself from dangerous situations. Showed a fire show at talent week. Instagram @ shtrefond13

Daria Gromova, Chris Zheltochenko, Olga and Larisa Kravtsov Photo collage:

Daria Gromova originally from Petrozavodsk. She dreamed of becoming a model, but she was refused casting because of her short stature. The participant is compared to Cara Delevingne. Flirts with drugs. Instagram @ born.fra

Ksenia Bulat Aquarius by horoscopeParents are deeply religious. They imposed their own worldview on her. Experiments with Xenia’s appearance are a rebellion against them. There is a groom and a son. Works as a nail service master.

Left the Lady’s School of her own free will. I could not survive the separation from the child. He does not disclose plans for the future. Describes in the blog how she began to be treated for depression. Instagram: @bulatka_official

Anna Tikhomirova – according to the horoscope Leo. Her parents abandoned her in infancy. She was serving time for manslaughter. There is a daughter and an ex-husband who is a drug addict.

The participant of the 6th season “Boys” closed up after the pasture. At the interview, the dialogue could not normally cost. She claimed that she could have stayed if she tried better. Nothing is known about plans for the future. Instagram: @shtelinberg_rus

Anna Tikhaya, Kristina Zorina and Ksenia Bulat Photo collage:

Christina Zorina – 22 years old, Cancer. She was born in Tver. Before “Boys” she rendered services of an intimate nature, abused alcohol. Orphaned at three. She was brought up by a grandmother who beat even for fours.

After the pasture she moved to Moscow wants to help people and animals, goes to shelters. A member of “Boys” said that “Lady School” changed her. Zorina became close friends with the show psychologist Lyubov Rosenberg. Instagram @ kriss.zorinaa.official

Laurita Karpova – according to the horoscope Taurus. Her mother is a woman of easy virtue. From early childhood, her mother took her with her to calls.

She dreams of opening her own barbershop in 2021. She changed her surname so as not to be associated with relatives. They did not establish communication. Instagram @_lu_official_

Laurita Karpova and Nicole Nurieva Photo collage:

Nicole Nurieva – the daughter of rapper Ptah. Taurus by horoscope. Dad does not communicate with the participant, humiliates her about her excess weight. The audience and the rest of the participants do not understand why she came to the 6th season of “Boys”, because she has no standard problems.

After leaving the “Boys”, Nicole started a blog, opened an advertisement order. She said that she was not going to lose weight in order to please her father. The participant fully accepts her body. Instagram: @nikki_nurieva

The release dates for the episodes of “Boys” season 6 are known on the official website of “Friday”. New episodes are released every Thursday at 20:00.

Members get a chance for fixes and free followers on social media. How to dispose of these resources, it is up to him to decide. There are 10 participants in the project. In the end, only one of them will receive a gold brooch and 1,000,000 rubles to make her dream come true.

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