Jul 30, 2022
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Professional gynecologist: how to choose a specialist?

Professional gynecologist: how to choose a specialist?Professional gynecologist: how to choose a specialist?

Women’s health related to reproductive function is one of the important components of well-being and a high quality of family life. A timely examination by a gynecologist allows you to determine the disease at an early stage and get rid of them. Before contacting a reproductologist, you must first choose a professional in your field.

Tips for choosing a gynecologist

A responsible approach to business guarantees proper observation and examination. A good female doctor should have the following qualities:

  • The competence of the doctor lies in an integrated approach regarding the state of health. Be sure to take into account all the information provided by the patient, evaluate the overall picture of the body. Be sure to take into account bad habits, allergic manifestations, as well as chronic pathologies.
  • Examination and other gynecological manipulations are carried out delicately, the rules of hygiene and disinfection are observed.
  • The attitude towards the client is restrained, correctly delivered speech, a clear explanation is made to the patient of his problem in “human” language. In general, a pleasant and calm atmosphere is created, conducive to a frank conversation, during which a woman can find out for herself all the questions of interest.
  • The qualification of the doctor is also reflected in his consultation, how much he is ready to devote time to the patient. Without a critical need, he will not be distracted by conversations with third parties, he is ready to completely immerse himself in the client’s problem.
  • Professionalism lies in the constant increase in the level of knowledge, so the doctor can easily select the right drugs, has modern methods and is well versed in the interaction of drugs.

Who to contact?

One of the specialized gynecologists is Liana Nazimovna Aminova, a part-time oncologist, a doctor of the highest category. If you ask leading questions even through the site, the doctor Aminova Liana Nazimovna will correctly diagnose and prescribe the appropriate drug treatment in a personal meeting. To make an appointment with Aminova Liana Nazimovna, you can call +7 (982) 824-55-91 or fill out the form on the website of the private clinic “Time of the First”.

Modern methods of diagnosing and treating women’s problems will help get rid of many problems. An individual approach will reduce the time of rehabilitation and return to the previous life as soon as possible.

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