May 15, 2020
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Producer Leo: I made an assumption in New York. In Canada, she would not have achieved anything, there is a big village

American music and film producer, businessman, a native of Kiev Leonard Lev in the author’s program of the founder of the online publication "GORDON" Dmitry Gordon told how the career of singer Lyubov Uspenskaya in the USA began, where she got thanks to him.

"Why did it happen with Any [Успенской] so that ... I was still in Italy - they ran to me and they say that Pugacheva came. And I met her through Joseph Davydovich. And I went to Ladispoli. It was not Pugacheva - it was Lyuba. I say: "Lyubonka, where are you going?" And I knew her father Zalman. He was a violinist, but was a shoemaker - sewed shoes, "said Leo.

Ouspenskaya planned to go to Canada, where her father emigrated, but Leo helped her find a job in USA.

"She would not have achieved anything there. Canada is a big village. And there were already Russian restaurants. I immediately called Valera Zemnovich from the post office, he was one of the hosts: “Listen, I’m giving you such a singer, Valera, a crazy singer!” He says: “It’s suitable.” In short, her remade, I met her on Thursday, and on Friday she already sang in “Sadko” [на Брайтон Бич]. And she [Марина] Lvovskaya twisted a little microphone (smiles), she broke her voice. Well, in general, it was a story interesting, "said the producer.

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Video: Visiting Gordon / YouTube

Assumption May posted on Instagram a photo in which she was captured with musicians during her life and work in the United States. Ouspenskaya worked as a singer in US restaurants from 745 the year before 1990 - H.

Leonard Lev became the first producer of Willy Tokarev and the first organizer of his tour, as well as concerts of Mikhail Shufutinsky in the USSR.

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