Sep 20, 2022
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Problems of the NWO: What to do with volunteer battalions from the regions of the Russian Federation?

Problems of the NWO: What to do with volunteer battalions from the regions of the Russian Federation?

Photo: Eric Romanenko/TASS

Three weeks ago, the former Minister of Defense of the DPR Igor Strelkov and other veterans of the war in the Donbass urged not to form volunteer battalions, but to replenish the active army at the expense of those who wish to fight. Now their correctness was confirmed by the chairman of the Union of Donbass Volunteers and a deputy from United Russia Alexander Borodai.

Faced with a shortage of personnel in Ukraine, the Russian leadership nevertheless abandoned mobilization and relied on the recruitment of volunteers. They go mainly to three types of units: the so-called private military companies (officially PMC does not exist in Russia – order.) such as the famous “Wagner”, the “Bars” battalions (“Special Combat Army Reserve”) and volunteer registered battalions of individual regions and large corporations.

In the best PMCs, recruits usually fall into well-coordinated teams and therefore quickly learn. It is worse with Bars: the decree “On the creation of a mobilization human reserve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” was signed by the president on July 17, 2015, but was executed without much enthusiasm. The creation of battalions accelerated significantly only in the middle of last year – perhaps precisely in connection with the special operation, but there were few fighters fired upon there. As in the vast majority of regional divisions. Participants in the hostilities in the Donbass met the initiative without enthusiasm.

Former Defense Minister of the DPR Igor Strelkov noted that volunteers are creating “instead of replenishing extremely tired and already well-fired (that is, those who have learned to work in the current difficult conditions) front-line units (which can dramatically increase their morale and combat effectiveness in general)” . Instead, the battalions “if they are not defeated in the very first battles (as our troops are now beating the “territorial defense” units thrown under attack by the enemy command), then they will inevitably suffer huge unjustified losses – simply due to the general “dampness” and inexperience of the personnel. And it’s not a fact that after these “cruel lessons” and huge losses, “named volunteers” will not start to scatter (become “five hundredths”).”

Exactly the same thing is written by the sergeant of the LPR-ovsky battalion “Ghost”, a well-known blogger Andrey Morozov: “We have terribly shabby troops of several different manning formats, which would be nice to replenish. In these troops, there is a hell of a shortage of specialists (including, first of all, normal signalmen and BLAshniki), a monstrous shortage of modern communications equipment, combat optics and electronics. What are we doing? Correctly! Instead of wisely replenishing them, thereby dramatically raising their combat effectiveness and the efficiency of using manpower resources, we are creating new packs of exactly the same inferior troops. Some without experience, some without communications, UAVs and optics, some without one or the other.”

Strelkov and Morozov constantly scold the authorities and therefore exaggerate? But the deputy of the State Duma from United Russia, the chairman of the Union of Donbass Volunteers and the ex-premier of the DPR, who was impeccably loyal to the authorities, faced the volunteer battalions. Alexander Borodai. And he was horrified:

“There is a kind of hidden mobilization with the help of various corporations, as well as subjects of the federation, each of which is trying to create their own battalions, detachments. This is a complete sham. Our Transneft battalion came out to the same place where ours stood on the Kakhovka bridgehead. They recruited watchmen, damn it, half immediately went crazy. This is nonsense, not mobilization.”

If the authors of the idea of ​​​​creating volunteer battalions knew the history of the airfield divisions of the Third Reich, they would not be surprised. Ambitious Luftwaffe Commander Reichsmarschall goering demanded that 170 thousand of his guys fought in two dozen separate divisions, and got his way. Although army generals, such as field marshal Mansteinreacted in exactly the same way as Strelkov and Borodai now:

“Given that at one time the Air Force had a wide choice in the recruitment of privates, then it was undoubtedly about first-class soldiers. If they had joined the divisions of the ground forces as reinforcements in the fall of 1941, these divisions would have retained their full combat capability, and then the German ground forces would not have had to experience many difficulties in the winter of 1941/42. But to create divisions from these soldiers within the Air Force was pure madness. Where could these divisions get the necessary combat and combined arms training, where could they get the combat experience that was absolutely necessary for the war in the east? Where did the commanders of divisions, regiments and battalions come from in the Air Force?

Fortunately for the Red Army, the madness happened. Having fallen under our tanks on the Don, the 7th and 8th airfield divisions took to flight, and the collapsed German front rolled back to Kharkov. By the beginning of 1943, only miserable scraps remained of both, and they had to be disbanded. A few months later, the same fate befell the 2nd Division. At first, she could not resist near Rzhev, and then she draped so quickly near Nevel that the city was liberated much earlier than planned – on the very first day of the offensive.

Realizing his stupidity, Goering agreed to the transfer of divisions to the army command, they were urgently replenished with experienced officers, but they did not help well. The offensive of the Red Army near Leningrad at the beginning of 1944 finished off another 6 divisions, and by the end of the year only 2 remained. laid down their arms after the surrender.

The fighting in Ukraine has not yet reached such a scale. However, if you find yourself in the path of the next enemy offensive, battalions like Transneft will not be pleasant enough. Therefore, it is probably worth giving up dancing on the German rake and sending volunteers to replenish the normally fighting units of the Russian army, as well as the people’s militias of the DPR and LPR.

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