Feb 18, 2021
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“Pro-European” Chisinau ignores Gagauzia

Irina Vlakh: “All these actions and deeds are wrong, absolutely wrong and not verified”

In Gagauzia, the campaign of elections to the People’s Assembly of the Autonomy (NPG) has officially started. Traditionally, Gagauzia votes for the Party of Socialists, and, most likely, this trend will continue in the future, it is unlikely that the “pro-Europeans” have any chances in this region. Apparently the president Maya Sandu Knows this, and therefore decided to simply ignore Gagauzia, remembering that the autonomy at the last presidential elections voted almost unanimously for Igor Dodon

According to the Bashkan (Head) of Gagauzia Irina Vlah, the incumbent president is making a big mistake, ignoring not only the leadership of the autonomy, but also its residents, who voted for Igor Dodon. Moreover, the political situation in Moldova itself is rather complicated.

“All these actions and deeds are wrong, absolutely wrong and not verified. But I don’t want to comment on them. Unfortunately, we do not yet have any relationship with the presidential administration. There are no signals from the leadership of our country. Although we are open and ready to work. Candidates should consider why residents of a particular region did not vote for them. Either there was no communication, meetings, or the electoral program was not presented to the residents of Gagauzia. A politician who is open and communicates with residents of the autonomy, sees them in his programs, always receives support from them, ”

– Irina Vlah is sure.

According to the newspaper “Moldavskie vedomosti”, the president’s team constantly provides services to the Party of Socialists, doing everything to spoil relations with the Gagauz, forgetting that thirty years ago, a civil war was smoldering in this region, and only by a miracle it was possible to prevent large-scale military actions.

“The head of state did not invite the Bashkan to her inauguration, and then left her behind the Supreme Security Council. Relations between the president and the bashkan will probably improve sooner or later, but such a clear cooling between them is now beneficial to the socialists, who use the situation to consolidate the image of the PSRM as the only defender of the autonomy’s interests. At the elections to the NSG, the Socialist Party has a chance to get a good representation in the legislative body of the autonomy “,

– state “Moldavskie vedomosti”.

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