Nov 14, 2021
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Prizes will be raffled among Russians vaccinated against COVID-19

Among the Russians who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, additional cash prizes will be drawn, RIA Novosti reports.

A thousand people will receive incentives in the amount of one hundred thousand rubles. Anyone who has completely completed vaccination against coronavirus with one of the Russian drugs can take part in the action.

The winners will be selected by the computer. The remuneration is transferred within six months from the date of the drawing. Details of the action are available in your personal account on public services.

Earlier, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on the extension of the drawing of cash prizes in the Russian Federation among citizens who were vaccinated against coronavirus.

As already reported, the lottery is held on the basis of the data of the unified register of vaccinated persons using a unique record number. You can find out about the win on the public services portal and on the bonuszazdorove.rf website. In addition, the winners will be notified via push notifications.

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