May 15, 2020
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Prizes for hundreds of thousands of hryvnias: shocked parliamentarian intends to teach a lesson to the CEC

The CEC was accused of sky-high premiums / UNIAN

The members of the Central Election Commission illegally accrued bonuses in the amount of 47 to 230 thousand hryvnias. In this regard, the Rada Committee on State Power, Local Self-Government and Urban Planning calls them to a meeting to be held on Wednesday 20 May. This was stated by the head of the subcommittee on administrative-territorial structure Vitaly Bezgin.

According to the People's Deputy, he terribly did not like the news about the prizes in the CEC, so as recently the Ukrainian parliament decided that the salaries of officials for the quarantine period in connection with a coronavirus pandemic cannot exceed the amount in 47 thousand 47 hryvnia. As a result, representatives of the Central Election Commission are invited to a meeting of the parliamentary committee.

"A little shocked with the news, that members of the Central Election Commission, bypassing the law by which the Verkhovna Rada limited the salaries of officials for the quarantine period to the ceiling in 5347 UAH, wrote out bonuses and vacation pay in 200 - 230 thousand. Parallel world ! And they are asking to expand the powers of the CEC in amendments to the election code. We are waiting for them at the committee meeting! " - the parliamentarian said on Facebook.

Recall that in February there was information according to which officials of the Ministry of Culture wrote themselves huge bonuses.

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