Apr 29, 2021
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Prince William cannot forgive Meghan Markle for speaking about his woman in an interview

British Prince William cannot forgive his daughter-in-law Meghan Markle for speaking about his wife Kate Middleton in a scandalous interview.

Prince William cannot forgive Meghan Markle for speaking about his woman in an interview

Previously, the press reported that Queen’s grandchildren relationship Great Britain’s Princes William and Harry, which, according to rumors, were strained after the marriage of the younger to Markle, greatly deteriorated due to the scandalous interview.

In conversation with TV presenter Oprah Winfrey Harry and Meghan have announced a difficult life at Buckingham Palace. The Duchess of Sussex, in particular, said that before the wedding of Kate Middleton brought her to tears… According to Markle, the misunderstanding happened because of the girls’ dresses that carried flowers at the ceremony. However, according to Markle’s story, after that Kate apologized to her and Megan excused her.

According to rumors, Kate has already excused her brother’s faithful for this interview, but Prince William is not yet ready for such deeds.

According to insiders, Prince William is deadly saddened by the public attacks against his wife and cannot accept it. According to rumors, the Duchess of Cambridge, on the contrary, tried to help Meghan Markle understand the royal duties, but she misinterpreted her efforts.

“However, publicly accusing Kate of forcing her to cry was ‘beyond praise.’ Megan perfectly understood that Kate would not be able to fight her back, “- said the insider.

According to real media reports, Prince William from the very alphabet was worried about the choice of his brother and recommended not to trace the wedding. Also, the Duke of Cambridge was thrilled that Megan was more concerned about her own interests than the interests of the British monarchy.

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