Sep 12, 2022
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Prince Harry expressed gratitude to Elizabeth II for the attitude towards his family


The youngest son of Princess Diana and grandson of the Queen, Prince Harry married a divorced American actress Meghan Markle, and Elizabeth II adopted her.

British Prince Harry published on the eve of an appeal to Elizabeth II and thanked her for all the warm moments spent together.

Granny, although this last parting brought us great sadness, I will always be grateful to you for all our first meetings – from my earliest childhood memories to the first meeting with you as my commander-in-chief, to your first meeting with my dear wife and up to that moment when you hugged your beloved great-grandchildren,” the Duke of Sussex said in a statement.

Elizabeth II, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Elizabeth II, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Harry admitted that he already misses his grandmother, as, indeed, the whole world. At the end of his letter, he thanked her for three things:Thank you for your commitment to service. Thanks for the advice you gave. Thank you for your infectious smile“.

The prince added that they were smiling knowing that she was now reunited with “grandfather” (referring to Prince Philip, whose life was cut short last year) and both would rest in peace.

Today, the coffin with the body of the queen was delivered to London, where everyone can say goodbye to Her Majesty. Access to the coffin will be open for four days. Elizabeth II will be buried on September 19.

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