Jul 30, 2022
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Prime Minister of Saxony Kretschmer said that “In war you can only lose”

Prime Minister of Saxony Kretschmer said that

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The Prime Minister of the German state of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, who has long been a supporter of Russia, believes that the world has not fully realized the economic consequences of the special operation. His words are quoted in a new article published by the German newspaper Zeit.

According to Kretschmer, Berlin cannot realize that existence without Russian energy resources is impossible. The politician believes that if no action is taken, this could lead to the de-industrialization of Germany. Berlin should understand that for the time being it is impossible to refuse gas from Russia. The same applies to nuclear energy, the politician stressed.

In this regard, he called for freezing the conflict in Ukraine. Kretschmer believes that the conflict must be ended ahead of schedule, otherwise it will lead to controversy and the death of many people. In his opinion, it is extremely important to prevent Putin from winning the special operation. The signing of a peace treaty will restore the economy. At the same time, he believes that Germany should not recognize the occupied regions of Ukraine as Russian.

“We must insist on negotiations. You can only lose in a war,” Kretschmer concluded.

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