Feb 18, 2021
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Prime Minister of Georgia resigns

Giorgi Gakharia is sure that the opposition’s “scenario” cannot be followed, even if Melia deserves a prison sentence

Prime Minister of Georgia Georgy Gakharia announced on Thursday 18 February that he was leaving office. The reason he called disagreement with the court decision on the detention of the leader of the largest opposition party “United National Movement” Nika Melia… Gakharia is sure that this will be followed by political escalation and chaos in the country, which is what the opposition is seeking. However, his team does not agree with this opinion.

“I made the decision to resign from my post. Of course, I believe and want this step to help reduce polarization in the political space of our country, as I am sure that polarization and confrontation between us is the greatest risk for the future of our country, economic development and the resolution of crises of any kind ”,

– said Giorgi Gakharia at a briefing in the government administration.

According to him, opposition journalist Nick Melia never respected the law, he was one of the organizers of the attack on parliament in June 2019, and the court’s decision against Melia is quite fair and legal. Nevertheless, the ex-prime minister believes that peace in the country is more important. Melia’s arrest may have unpredictable consequences for Georgia, Gakharia noted, stressing that this is exactly what the “chief director” of all these events is trying to achieve – Mikhail Saakashvili

Together with Giorgi Gakharia, the government also resigns. Parliament now has two weeks to approve a new prime minister and his cabinet. If the parliament does not express confidence in the prime minister and the government in two weeks, new parliamentary elections are called, which the opposition has been seeking since November.

Fugitive Georgian president and now Ukrainian state official Mikheil Saakashvili celebrates victory in faraway Kiev, instructing the opposition to continue the fight for early parliamentary elections.

“Today the prime minister of the usurping government of Georgia Gakharia resigned. This is indeed a great victory for the unity of the opposition, Nika Melia and the Georgian people in general. It is important now not to weaken the unity. Now, in this situation, more than ever, on the one hand, caution is necessary, because more heated people than necessary can do something unseemly, and on the other hand, timely reach an agreement on immediate early elections with a new election commission and the participation of international observers “,

Saakashvili said.

Nikanor Melia continues to remain in the office of the United National Movement party. The Tbilisi City Court, which sentenced him to imprisonment, hopes for Melia’s prudence and the fact that he himself will appear in law enforcement agencies.

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