Apr 9, 2021
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Previously unpublished photographs of the British royal family appeared on the web

On the eve of the birthday of the British Queen Elizabeth II, the inhabitants of the United Kingdom will be able to see archival footage that has not been previously published and shown.

Previously unpublished photographs of the British royal family appeared on the web

It’s about home filming of the British royal family. The footage is dated 1953, when the family was getting ready for Christmas. In fact, in that year, Elizabeth became queen after the death of her parent George VI. In addition, other liquid shots will be shown, which were captured by the accelerated to the royal family in the 60s and 70s.

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The footage shows the 27-year-old queen with her husband, Prince Philip, relaxing at the house of the Governor-General of New Zealand. Prior to that, they had been on a tour of the Commonwealth areas. According to the daughter of New Zealand Governor Sarah Stevenson, having royal figures in their home was “terribly exciting.”

In the photo, Elizabeth II was with a camera in her hands, and Prince Philip in swimming trunks was lying 10-year-old Sarah on an inflatable mattress.

The photos were taken by the Governor-General’s granny Patricia, who managed to catch the moment when the Queen of Britain grins.

The documentary will show the trip of Elizabeth II to Belgrade in 1972. Then the Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito asked the British queen for an individual meeting in honor of his 80th anniversary.

In the motion picture, there will also be pictures of the queen with the baby Andrew.

Liquid footage will be shown to UK residents on April 9 on ITV1 in the documentary “The Invisible Queen”, which is tailored to the 95th birthday of Elizabeth II.

Recall that the British Queen will celebrate her anniversary on April 21.

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