Sep 30, 2021
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“Pretty woman!”: Keti Topuria showed fans what her mother looks like

Today the mother of the singer Keti Topuria is celebrating her birthday. On this occasion, the artist touchingly congratulated the parent on the blog and shared several shots. In a retro picture, a young mother of Topuria poses with a future celebrity,

and in the second, fresh photo, a woman is hugging her granddaughter Olivia.

“Happy day, mom! I love you very much! ”, – the artist signed a series of pictures. Fans noted that her parent is a very pretty woman. “You have a beautiful mother,” “Looks young,” “Keti, you look like a mother,” the subscribers responded.

By the way, little is known about Keti’s mother, but the artist’s late father was a well-known person in narrow circles. The man was a “thief in law” and spent a total of about 20 years behind bars. He died there. He was involved in the trade in hard drugs, which he himself used.

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