May 30, 2021
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President of Moldova accused of breaking the law

The law prohibits the President of Moldova from taking part in political activities

Association Promo-LEX in Moldova, monitors violations during election campaigns in the country to ensure free and fair elections. Observers of the association made a report on the recorded violations of the pre-election campaign, which began even before the deadline.

“Based on information from observers, at least 23 incidents of incitement to hatred and incitement to discrimination in the public space, in the media and in the online environment were identified, as well as a case that can be regarded as the participation of the President of the country in the election campaign.” ,

– noted at the briefing the director of programs Promo-LEX Nicolae Panfil

He drew attention to the fact that the president of the country Maya Sandu openly promotes the pre-election slogan of the PAS party, the post of whose chairman she had to leave, becoming president. However, Moldovan law prohibits the president from engaging in political activities, Panfil recalled, which angered Sandu in earnest. The fact is that she does not see any problems in her participation in the election campaign and campaigning for the PAS party, of which she remains the unofficial leader. In this connection, it has already demanded “Explanations and clarifications of their position” observers Promo-LEX

“I will continue to urge voters to vote for honest people. I am not going to give up my words and invite Promo-Lex representatives to clarify their position, ”

– said Maia Sandu on the air.

Indeed, who can tell the President of Moldova?

Chairman of the PSRM faction Cornelius Furkulik reminded Sandu that in 2019 Igor Dodon, who was then President of Moldova, refused all meetings with citizens on the eve of the parliamentary elections, realizing that all these meetings can be regarded as election campaigning.

And the head of the PSRM, Igor Dodon, also accused Maya Sanda of putting pressure on the Supreme Council of Magistracy (SCM).

“If I went with my advisers to a meeting of the SCM or other bodies, then everyone would attack me, especially the so-called right-wing NGOs and experts. And then there is an obvious silence. I think this visit is connected with the competition for the position of a judge of the Constitutional Court, which has long become a political instrument of the president, ”

– quoted by Igor Dodon online edition of Moldova NewsMaker

A little more than a month is left before the parliamentary elections in Moldova.

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