Oct 24, 2021
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President of Kyrgyzstan: “We will not have a US base”

Sadyr Japarov – on the results of the year as president

In October last year in Kyrgyzstan, the regular parliamentary elections ended in popular unrest, as a result of which a change of power took place in the country – the acting president became Sadyr Japarov

President of Kyrgyzstan Zhaparov dedicated a large press conference to the results of the year, which was attended by representatives of more than 150 local and foreign media.

The president’s report dealt with the results of the past year, from the moment when the country switched to “A new form of government that excludes party corruption”… The results, according to Japarov, are remarkable – salaries are growing, interest on mortgage loans is falling, the number of newly created enterprises is increasing, tariffs are not increasing.

But there are also problems. And one of these problems is relations with neighboring Tajikistan, with which there is still no border agreement.

“This is a problem that has not been solved for 30 years. We previously dealt with the solution of the borders with Uzbekistan, after which we planned to deal with the issues of borders with Tajikistan. There are only three controversial issues “,

– said Japarov.

According to him, 210 thousand hectares of land are controversial, which seemed to have passed to Tajikistan in 1924, but the dispute over these areas is still ongoing.

Recall that another armed conflict between the parties occurred on April 28-30 this year, then 154 people were injured from the Kyrgyz side, 36 were killed, including two children. In Dushanbe, 19 dead and 87 wounded were officially announced.

The border between the two countries is currently closed. Japarov promised to open the border only after all issues on the disputed territories have been settled, so as not to allow new conflicts. Only students from Tajikistan are allowed to enter.

The President also spoke about strengthening the border.

“We are strengthening the border, buying armored vehicles. Money was recently transferred to buy drone drone from Turkey and Russia. Russia repairs helicopters for us, not for free. We do not want to fight, but we want to ensure security. So that people sleep peacefully. To be honest, during the events on the border with Tajikistan, we did not have a single helicopter or fighter. The tanks, as it turned out, were not on the move. We are now strengthening everything at the expense of the budget. Over the years, money was allocated for armaments, but in the end, military equipment came in the form of grants, “

– noted the head of state.

When asked by journalists about whether it is planned to deploy an American military base in Kyrgyzstan against the background of recent events in Afghanistan, Japarov replied:

“There is a Russian base in Kant. In 2014, the American base agreement was canceled and they withdrew. One base is enough for us. We don’t want to play cat and mouse with two powers by placing two bases. “

Recall that the United States airbase has been at the Manas airport since 2001, in 2009 it was renamed the Transit Center, and in 2014 the US military was evacuated from Manas.

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