Sep 12, 2020
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Premier of Bavaria warned of the risks of a hasty decision on “SP – 2”

Germany needs to make a well-considered decision on the possible linking of the Nord Stream 2 project with the case of Alexei Navalny, since the haste can turn into undesirable consequences, said the Prime Minister of the federal state of Bavaria Markus Söder.

In his opinion, it is not worth making a decision "headlong" until there are no answers from Russia. At the same time, he believes that it is best for the reaction to be pan-European.

We need to take everything into account and constantly think about how to strike a balance between the values ​​and interests of Germany- emphasized Zöder.

He also expressed concern about the development of relations with the Russian side, noting that "neither threats, nor embellishment" of the situation have changed anything so far. The politician said that in an exclusively hypothetical sense, the project can be stopped and gas contracts with the Russian Federation revised. However, he warned, this could affect energy supplies and prices in Germany.

Söder said that now the German authorities have to think about where they can buy gas in the long term.

Many countries that offer us this energy source at similar prices have the same democratic deficits as Russia- he stressed.

The prime minister added that “not only Russia violates human rights,” transfers Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Earlier wrote that the deputy from the party "Alternative for Germany" Waldemar Gerdt spoke about a meeting in the Bundestag, which discussed the issue of imposing sanctions against Russia because of the situation with Alexei Navalny.

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