Sep 16, 2020
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Pregnant star of “House-2” Anna Levchenko declassified the sex of the unborn child from Valery Blumenkrantz

10:46, 09/16/2020

The TV show participant let slip about personal information on the set of the show.

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On July 17 it became known that Anna Levchenko, the beloved star of "House-2" Valery Blumenkrantz, was pregnant. This was reported by the participants themselves: they published photos of the test in their microblogs on Instagram. As Valery admitted, he is happy that he will soon become a father. He added that he and Anna went to this event for three months.

It is worth noting that the couple did not want to reveal the sex of the child. However, Levchenko herself eventually revealed the secret. In the studio of the show "Borodin against Buzova". Levchenko let slip that she and Valery will have a boy.

Valery Blumenkrants and Anna Levchenko are expecting a boy

It is worth noting that on August 31, the participants of "House-2" Valery Blumenkrants and Anna Levchenko officially became husband and wife. First, the lovers signed at the registry office, and then went to the grand celebration of their wedding with relatives, friends and colleagues on the reality show. The newlyweds did not skimp on the celebration, especially since they won the "Million Dollar Wedding" competition and received a large sum as a prize. The wedding rings alone cost Valery and Anna 300 thousand rubles.

A real struggle for the bridal bouquet and garter unfolded at the holiday. As a result, Ilya Yabbarov was the winner among men, and his beloved among women Nastya Gold... But since there were a lot of girls who wanted to get married, Anna Levchenko threw another bouquet. Caught him Milena Bezborodova, who dreams of a wedding with Alexei Bezus.

The stars of "House-2" Anna Levchenko and Valery Blumenkrantz became the winners of "Wedding in a Million" according to the participants of the show

We add that Blumenkrantz made a marriage proposal to Anna three and a half months after the start of a relationship with her mother. Levchenko, without hesitation, agreed. Valery stated that he was sure of his choice and saw Anya as his wife and the mother of their common children. Valery had been preparing for an important event for a week. He ordered a ring and decorators who prepared the site where Blumenkrantz confessed his feelings to Ana - the place was decorated with airy hearts. He also recruited musicians and bought a large bouquet of red roses. Valery kneeled down in front of his beloved in front of all the participants in the television project.

Valery Blumenkrants and Anna Levchenko applied to the registry office in early summer

Recall that Valery Blumenkrantz already has one child, who was born in a marriage with a former TV show participant Tata Abramson. The spouses broke up and could not even maintain friendly relations for the sake of a common daughter. Tata periodically accuses her husband that he does not want to see the girl and help her financially. However, Valery denies everything and says that he has been regularly paying child support throughout the years, that he and Tata are not together.

In addition, Valery even had thoughts that his daughter was not from him. Blumenkrantz emphasized that Tata informed him of the pregnancy in October 2016, and from September 16 to October 13, Abramson was in Monaco. Valera was pleased with the news of the replenishment, but friends advised him to think that he could not be the father of the child.

Valery with his ex-wife Tata and their common daughter

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