Sep 17, 2020
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Pregnant star of “House-2” Alexandra Gozias declassified the sex of the unborn child

21:22, 09/16/2020

The ex-participant of reality has been hiding for a long time who will be born to her.

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Alexandra Gozias announced her second pregnancy on July 1. The child's father is the second spouse of the ex-participant of "House-2". Their wedding took place this year, but Alexander's husband's appearance and surname is still kept secret, referring to the fact that the husband is not a public person. In his microblog in Instagram Gosias regularly talks about her pregnancy. Subscribers learned that the ex-participant of reality has already chose a clinic and bought everything needed for the unborn child. Gozias also reported that she is opposed to partner childbirth. Sasha believes that this can cause irreparable harm to the psyche of a man, and also turn him away from her as a desired woman in the future. Her attending physician also advised her not to let her husband go into labor.

Today Alexandra has declassified the sex of the unborn child. Gozias kept the intrigue, stubbornly not showing the things she bought for the baby, since the gender of the baby could be understood by the color of the clothes. In section Stories in his microblog in Instagram She posted a video that made it clear that a boy would soon be born to the Gozias family.

Alexandra Gozias has declassified the sex of the unborn child

Recall that Alexandra already has a six-year-old daughter, Sofia. Gozias gave birth to her first child in marriage with a former member of "House-2" Ilya Korotkov. The couple divorced several years ago, but still have not improved their relationship. In early August, Gozias reported that her ex-husband had sued her to establish a procedure for meeting with Sofia. Alexandra herself planned to draw up a counterclaim to obtain official alimony.

Gozias' relationship with his daughter was also not developing in the best way. The fact is that during her stay in the project, Sasha abandoned Sofia in order to build her personal life. The girl was very upset by the absence of her mother. As a result, when Gozias invited her daughter to move into a new family, she flatly refused, calling her mother a "cuckoo." True, on September 10, the ex-participant of "House-2" shared the good news with subscribers, Sofia nevertheless agreed to live with her mother and even made friends with her new husband.

Alexandra Gosias and her daughter Sofia

Alexandra Gozias first appeared in "House-2" in April 2015. Then she expressed her sympathy for Yevgeny Kuzin, but their relationship did not work out. In 2017, Gozias married another member of the scandalous TV show Konstantin Ivanov. They traveled to the Seychelles together, but left the project in April. At the end of September 2019, Ivanov and Gozias broke up. The initiator was Alexandra, who decided that Ivanov had cheated on her. Gozias never returned to reality. She met her current husband after leaving "House-2".

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