Jun 2, 2022
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Pregnant MARUV cannot move by herself


Journalists leaked a photo of the singer MARUV in a wheelchair to the network.

31-year-old singer Anna Korsun, better known as Maruv, announced to fans back in February that she was in a position. The actress declassified her pregnancy, being already in the last stages, but at that time she still continued to work. But since the beginning of spring, the celebrity stopped communicating with subscribers on the social network and canceled all concerts.

Maruv did this out of concern for her well-being and the health of her unborn baby. As it turned out, the singer had something to worry about: during pregnancy, she changed a lot and lost her former gloss. And recently she was noticed in a hospital in a wheelchair: it is difficult for the performer to walk on her own, so her husband and part-time manager Alexander Korsun drives her.

Maruv in a wheelchair
Maruv in a wheelchair

It is known that the couple has been married for a long time, but they were in no hurry to have children, because they were concentrated on work, because Anna began her solo career only in 2018. Since then, the performer has managed to make a name for herself on the domestic stage, so now she can take some rest.

Recall that Maruv declassified the pregnancy on her birthday – February 15, and before that she carefully concealed an interesting situation. The artist said that it was not so difficult to do this: the main thing is to choose the right outfits. The singer even shared on the social network one “life hack” on how to pose at a photo shoot so that no one notices her rounded belly.

“A properly tailored suit – and in front of pregnancy, no matter how it happened. Only from the side can we fire, ”the performer joked.

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