Apr 7, 2021
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Pregnant Julianna Karaulova arranged a photo shoot in a mini dress

19:50, 04/07/2021

The star tried unsuccessfully to hide the rounded belly during filming.

Last month it became known that the 32-year-old Julianna Karaulova soon will become a mother for the first time… The singer announced the good news with the help of a music video for her song “So Much”, where she starred with a noticeably rounded belly. It is noteworthy that the star hid an interesting position for a long time. Today Julianna published a photo shoot in a mini dress, which took place even before the official public announcement of the imminent replenishment in the Karaulova family.

Julianna admitted that she did not want to tell photographers about pregnancy ahead of time. The star had to come up with an excuse, but a rather open outfit made the singer’s attempts to justify the obvious changes in her figure unsuccessful. “The belly really became visible only in the last frames that we shot in the evening. I didn’t want to tell anyone from the team, so I had to laugh it off that it was after the pizza ”, – shared Karaulova (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Approx. ed.).

Yuliana Karaulova

It is worth noting that Juliana and the father of her unborn child are sound producer Andrey Cherny prefer not to dwell on the details of their personal life. The star rarely publishes joint pictures with her lover, although she violated this rule during quarantine. Karaulova shared a funny video, which she did as part of the then popular flash mob. On the recording, the star demonstrated “her” flexibility with the help of Cherny’s legs.

Recall that Julianna and Andrei met during the participation of the performer in a music show “Star Factory – 5”… The future chosen one of the singer worked in the project’s recording studio. Since the time of the program, the singer and sound producer had friendly relations, but at first Karaulova and Cherny were not close. As the artist said, she and Andrei kept in touch, but began to really get closer only after both parted with their beloved at about the same time.

Julianna Karaulova with her lover

Julianna admitted that in the end she managed to win Andrei’s heart thanks to her ability to cook deliciously. According to the star, one evening she invited a group of friends to her place, including her future lover. The singer brought dumplings to the table. “Andrey ate them and said that he was in love. I thought he was joking, I told him that it wasn’t funny at all, I asked if he’d gone crazy, ”the artist shared. However, after this incident, the sound producer actually began to provide the performer with romantic signs of attention. As Julianna said, at first it was difficult for her to take the changes in Cherny’s behavior seriously, but in the end the star listened to her friends, who urged her to try to look at her old friend from the other side.

At the moment, Karaulova and Cherny have been together for more than eight years, although they have not yet officially formalized their union. Three years ago, the sound producer made a marriage proposal to a star lover, but the couple never got married. Due to the protracted preparation for the wedding, after the announcement of the engagement, rumors that the lovers had broken up even began to gain momentum. But Julianna herself denied these speculations, and explained the absence of a stamp in her passport with too busy work schedules, which do not leave time for her and her fiance to legally formalize the relationship.

Yulianna Karaulova’s video for the song “So Strong”

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