Feb 13, 2021
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Pregnant Elena Perminova starred without underwear


The oligarch’s wife, 34-year-old model Elena Perminova, delighted fans with candid photos.

Elena is a mother of many children. She brings up three children with the oligarch Alexander Lebedev – 11-year-old Nikita, 8-year-old Yegor and 6-year-old Arina. Perminova is preparing for the birth of her fourth child.

Despite the interesting situation, the star of Dima Bilan’s video “Midnight Taxi” does not deny himself candid filming. This time she shared a snapshot from the seashore.

Semi-naked Elena Perminova
Semi-naked Elena Perminova

Elena posed in a snow-white wet dress. The beloved of the oligarch refused underwear, the star bared her slender legs and a rounded tummy. She didn’t use bright makeup and showed her natural beauty. Perminova took a graceful pose and looked directly into the frame. The photo turned out to be quite impressive.

The socialite admitted that, like many women who are expecting a baby, she has difficulty choosing the right outfit. “I sit sad … For an hour I have been trying to pack my suitcase and nothing comes of it! Almost nothing fits, just shapeless, creepy maternity dresses. At least cry! ” – Elena complained.

Semi-naked Elena Perminova
Semi-naked Elena Perminova

The fans decided to support the young mother and were generous with warm comments. “The legs are just shine! Sexy mom! “,” You are good in any outfit! “,” How can you be so sexy during pregnancy? “,” An ideal female figure! “,” A woman of amazing beauty! “,” Delicate and charming Lenochka! “,” Goddess! ”,“ Natural and natural!“- noted the fans.

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