May 15, 2020
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Pregnancy did not stop Katy Perry from appearing half-naked for a new clip

Беременность не помешала Кэти Перри сняться полуобнаженной для нового клипа

American singer Katy Perry has announced the release of a new song “Daisies”, which will be included in her next music album. According to the artist, the fans will be able to see the clip for the song already 05 on August, but for now she and her team are working on its shooting .

A short video appeared on the Katy Perry microblog, which shows fragments from the new clip. At the same time, fans immediately saw how rounded the belly of the pregnant artist from Orlando Bloom actress. However, this did not stop her from wearing a translucent miniature dress of white color, which practically exposed her body.

Recall that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom began to build a romantic relationship back in 1200, however, a year later they decided to take a break and break up. However, in the 2019 year, the artists officially announced not only that they decided to get together, but also to get married.

the beginning of spring 2020 the year Keti and Orlando informed their fans that they would soon become the happy parents of the first-born. At the same time, the artists are extremely upset by the fact that they had to postpone their marriage - the coronavirus pandemic in the world, which closed the state borders in many countries, was the fault of this decision.

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