Aug 25, 2022
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Prefabricated metal racks – types and applications, recommendations for choosing

Racks are installed in everyday life and trade, in production and warehouses. They place anything on them: from cans with conservation to large goods. They are usually selected according to their capacity, maximum load per 1 shelf, number of tiers. Assembled directly at the installation site. After installation, a stable and reliable design is obtained, which will last for more than one year in cold and heated rooms.

What are the racks

They produce mobile, shelf, reinforced and collapsible types. Types of metal racks are divided according to their purpose depending on the items placed: for container or piece cargo, food or industrial goods.

Areas of use

The rack helps to organize objects and loads, rationally use the space in height. Install:

  • in car washes;
  • archives;
  • libraries;
  • garages;
  • pantries;
  • stores;
  • workshops;
  • offices;
  • basements;
  • utility rooms;
  • production shops;
  • warehouses;
  • educational institutions.

Stationary models are placed against the walls or with an indent of 800-1000 mm, in one or more rows. It all depends on the type of items stored and the proximity to the heating system. If they cannot be kept near radiators, then a span must be left between the wall and the rack.

Design features – what does a metal rack consist of

The structure is assembled from racks, diagonal and transverse couplers, brackets, shelves and thrust bearings. Additionally equipped with rollers or racks to push or adjust the shelves in height.

Racks and beams are made of metal or galvanized steel, shelves are made of plywood or metal. Protect parts from corrosion with a polymer coating or powder paint. The feet protect the floor from scratches.

Racks are produced by cold profiling. They are perforated at an equal distance to set the required number of shelves and set them to any height. The racks are reinforced with an angular profile of a complex section, and the shelves are reinforced with a central stiffener. So that the structure does not deform and withstand the load, the upper and lower tiers are reinforced with L-shaped corners.

The technical characteristics of the metal rack record the overall dimensions and the step between the tiers. If it is not specified, they are placed at an arbitrary height. Fasten with bolts from the fasteners included in the kit.

Features of prefabricated structures

The thickness of the uprights affects the stability and the maximum allowable load. If the support posts are made of thin metal, there is a high risk of deformation. Damage after impact or overuse will inevitably lead to repair. If the geometry of the structure is not broken, only broken racks and shelves are changed.

Choose a suitable model before assembling a metal rack. Consider the type of products to be placed, the temperature and humidity of the installation site. If you need a rack for a cold warehouse or car wash, choose galvanized steel structures. It will not rust due to low temperature and constant high humidity. In the office, shop and home pantry, buy a metal model with a polymer coating. It protects the metal from minor damage and corrosion.

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Advantages and disadvantages of metal shelving

The rack is lightweight, but durable and reliable. Each shelf can hold 100kg or more. If you evenly distribute objects on a plane, it will never break.

Benefits of metal shelving:

  • the ability to change the number and height of shelves;
  • a light weight;
  • simple assembly;
  • strength.

You can find the right model for any products. Different sizes and designs make the racks versatile.

Making a rack – what you need for this

Before you make a metal rack with your own hands, calculate the dimensions and make a drawing. You will need:

  • mounting perforated profile for the frame;
  • plywood from 10 mm thick or sheet metal from 1 mm;
  • thrust bearings with adjusting bolt;
  • brackets;
  • fasteners.

Cut a sheet of metal with hand scissors or a grinder into several sheets in the size of the shelves. Instead of trimming the cut, fold the edges. Clamp a thin sheet in a vice and bend in a straight line with a hammer. Cut the profile and start assembling. Plywood for shelves is easier to cut. You don’t have to sand its edges, but it’s not as strong.

Instead of looking for a tool and wasting time looking for materials, buy a ready-made rack. The difference between its cost and your manufacturing costs is negligible, and perhaps a self-made design will cost more.

How to choose the material for the rack

Remember, if the model is made of metal, then always with a protective anti-corrosion layer. If the shelves are made of plywood, then at least 10 mm thick. The higher the expected load, the greater the thickness should be. The design will have to be reinforced with additional planks and ties if you have non-standard sizes of metal racks or plywood shelves.

Metal shelving and interior design

Universal types in warehouses simplify internal logistics, systematize goods and products according to their intended purpose. Functionality and rational use of space are the main requirements for choosing a warehouse rack.

If we talk about a store or office, then the appearance plays an important role. Metal structures harmoniously fit into the interior in the style of minimalism, hi-tech and other laconic styles. In the store, you can install a variant with racks that match the color of the brand’s corporate color.

Requirements for collapsible racks

Manufacturers design structures taking into account GOST 16140-77 and GOST 14757-74. Strength must be calculated for possible loads. Defects, cracks, delaminations and burrs on structural elements are not allowed.

If you need a rack for a store, pharmacy, office or warehouse, consider sanitary and hygienic standards. Observe fire safety rules when installing metal structures. Knowing what it is will make it easier for you to choose shelving for your business. At home on the balcony, in the pantry or garage, you can put any of them in a suitable size.

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